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Potted plants for a beautiful garden – choose container appropriately

potted plants combine indoor plants ideas

Ideas for combining potted plants

Color, texture and size – these are the three aspects of garden design. All concepts ultimately represent an experiment with these. This also applies to the setting up of a garden with plant containers.

More precisely, it’s about combining. You will learn some important rules today on how to arrange plants together within the same flower pot.

Rules for the selection of plants

plant ideas pot plants indoor plants garden ideas

Follow the following rules when choosing potted plants:

  • Select similar colors and textures;
  • Choose three to six different plants for a flower container;
  • Strive for the high-contrast appearance within the combinations.

Three, six or more potted plants

garden deco garden plants potted plants plant ideas


Wondering if you would rather take three to six or more potted plants for your project? Both variants have certain advantages. If you limit the number to three to six, it’s easier to create a visual accent. In the second case, the effect of the texture is much stronger.

Less water and rich colors

plant pot plant ideas potted plants indoor plants

In both variants, you could do something to enhance the effect of the pot plant combination. There are several methods by which you make the arrangement less dependent on water. With the appropriate care you also ensure better saturation of the color.

Organic concept

pot plants plant ideas garden ideas plant pot

The organic method is a way to save resources. First, you’d better reuse old plant containers. In addition, you should choose drought-tolerant plant species. For example, you could pick succulents and grasses that grow in dry soil and only with rainwater. This allows you to leave the plant containers outside for a little longer.

Three colors are enough, so you can get an excellent color combination

Planting plants combine potted plants

A classic way of combining allows the selection of three colors. These should also grow differently high or, if necessary, in different directions. The plants should form three layers with different nuances in the eye of the beholder. To enhance the effect even more, you should place the plant container on a white wall.

A potted plant combination in appropriate autumn colors

gardening tips pot plants plant ideas plant pot

Combine plant species that require the same care

plant pot potted plants indoor plants plant ideas

Make a flowery and colorful balcony decoration

plant pot indoor plants potted plants plant ideas

The different types of succulents are a great container planting

potted plants garden tips plant ideas plant pot

A colored potted plant combination for the windowsill

potted ideas potted plants gardening ideas

Use a larger container for the planting of several plant species

potted plants plant pot plant ideas indoor plants

The beautifully combined potted plants are always a wonderful table decoration

potted plants ideas indoor plants plant ideas

The top container can only provide for the optical complement of the plant combination

indoor plants potted plants pflanzenpfg plant ideas

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