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Practical, cheap and unique wall design – 55 ideas for washi tape

When it comes to a practical, stylish and unique wall design, which is also cheaper compared to conventional alternatives, then our editorial team comes up with the washi tape in this context. This practical idea offers a great versatility in designs that are very trendy. In this article you will find a total of four groups of different ideas that can be discovered for every taste. In the following paragraphs you will also learn the little things that are important for a proper approach. Decide for yourself which group is practical for your abilities and create a dreamlike design!

Enjoy the individual design

DIY ideas tape

Origami art with washi tape

Our first idea is considered a question of individuality – origami art. The longing for creative variants and for many DIY ideas with origami Animals is very big. That’s why the Washi Tape Wall Decoration is perfect. The large selection of figures offers great versatility and the creation of butterflies, traditional cranes and similar origami animals is great fun for all ages.

The origami art with Washi Tape differs significantly from the conventional ideas, because many design lovers prefer the color design. The different nuances of Washi Tape can be experienced more intensively than wall design.

Practical and stylish

washi tape ideas lines shades

The dynamic shapes of the Origami animals are also in demand this year, so use multiple colors to create a realistic shape. These figures can be chosen as large as you would think best for wall decoration. The larger or more numerous the figures are designed, the more creative the overall appearance. However, two or three origami animals are also a trendy idea. A uniform shape with Washi Tape is of course recommended, but you can also change small details. Make a wall decor with origami animals so that it feels inviting and cozy.

The perfect decoration element for every wall design

washi tape ideas shape design

Washi Tape motifs

Our second group of Washi Tape ideas is considered the simplest of them all. Using black lines, you can create different images that provide a unique look. Do you love nature? If so, then we have a cool idea for you. The large-format forest and mountain motifs are among the lightest Washi Tape wall ideas, as the black lines form a trendy result. Since time ago, mountain motifs in the interior design are a great eye-catcher. For this reason, it is important that you shape a realistic shape. Make black shades of different sizes. These lines create the look with mountains. Take a template as an example like a picture of Everest and try to get the same shapes. A clever idea would be to mark the lines with a pencil first, before continuing with Washi Tape.

Imitate Everest with Washi Tape as a wall decoration

Wall design washi tape ideas

The second motif idea is the representation of a city panorama of your choice. If you like traveling and have a favorite city, then you can easily create the panorama of buildings in the city center according to your choice. For this you will need a template, because the individual lines should be designed very carefully. Many Washi Tape fans create a panorama of the coolest constructions from around the world such as Dubai, Paris, Pisa, etc. These constructions will quickly draw many curious glances.

Your favorite city as a motif for your bedroom design

washi wall design

3D effect? That is how it goes !

Now it goes to the dynamic wall design! Many homeowners want a wall decoration that is unique. With Washi Tape it is not difficult to fulfill this task and to create a unique decoration. But for this task you need drawing skills. Here you should know the little things of the 3D function well. Give yourself plenty of time, because this wall design is considered particularly difficult compared to the alternatives. A good example is the squares, triangles or polygonal figures, which provide a realistic look. Pay attention to the lines and position the Washi Tape optimally. The more detailed the lines are designed, the undoubted eye-catcher becomes the end result. Among the most popular 3D wall ideas are the black curved lines that give the room an imaginative look.

Could you imagine a better wall design?

washi tape ideas 3d

Geometric and practical forms

Our last group of ideas has a low level of difficulty. In other words, creativity meets individuality and you create your own design. Diagonals, straight lines and creative shapes are announced this year. Similar to the 3D Washi Tape ideas, they will create geometric figures that convince with straight lines. Make any shape according to your taste. Do not worry about the end result, because this idea symbolizes the individuality. Tinker with your friends or children and discuss different ideas with Washi Tape.

Make interesting shapes

Shape design tape ideas

Thanks to our picture gallery, which has a total of 52 ideas to choose from, you can choose the perfect wall design for every room. The Washi Tape ideas are inviting and stylish and offer a great versatility in design.

3D wall design with washi tape

washi tape wall realistic look washi tape wall design ideas

Design a professional wall decoration

washi tape wall decoration Image Gallery Designs washi tape ideas

Washi Tape offers a great versatility in designs

Picture gallery washi tape ideas

DIY washi tape ideas

A few black lines can form a perfect look

DIY ideas washi tape ideas Shape design washi tape ideas

It’s so easy to make diamonds with Washi Tape

Form design washi tape ideas (2)

Shape design washi tape ideas

Black lines form an extraordinary look!

idea washi tape tips creative washi tape ideas

Your kids will love the idea!

Lines enwashi tape ideas Lines shades washi tape ideas

Colorful combinations create a perfect design

realistic look washi tape ideas animals washi tape ideas

Nature motifs remain trendy

Wall design washi tape ideas washi tape 3d

Create an imaginative drawing? Then you need good previous knowledge!

washi tape picture gallery washi tape DIY ideas

The geometric shapes remain as the simplest idea of ​​all

washi tape shape design tips washi tape shape design

Colorful wall design with a 3D effect

washi tape ideas (shape design washi tape ideas (in black

Textures can also be made very light

washi tape ideas picture gallery washi tape ideas designs ideas tips

Carefully position Washi Tape

washi tape ideas designs washi tape ideas DIY

Pay attention to the realistic look

washi tape ideas DIY ideas

washi tape ideas optics

Two origami animals in different shapes with washi tape

washi tape ideas realistic look washi tape ideas black

The perfect decoration for your nursery

washi tape ideas animals washi tape ideas 3d

No worries! Washi Tape is easily removable

washi tape ideas colors washi tape ideas shape design designs

Origami animals in a 3D shape

washi tape ideas shape design

Decorate your wall design carefully

washi tape lines washi tape optics

Your wall design could look so stylish

washi tape realistic look washi tape symbols

The design depends on your imagination

washi tape ideas ideas

washi tape ideas curves

Make a cool shape

washi tape ideas lines washi tape ideas shading

Shapely mountains adorn the wall in the nursery

Mountain motifs in the nursery

washi tape ideas

Creativity and a realistic wall design

washi tape lines shades

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