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Purple decoration for the wedding 2018!

Do you have the most memorable event in your life this year? If so, why not combine this important event with the trend color for 2018? Wedding in purple decoration, wedding in ultraviolet ! How does that sound to you?

This is a beautiful color that is very meaningful. The Ultar violet radiates strength and is a fabulous choice as a decoration for such an occasion. You can choose this color as the main color or just for the details. We will give you some ideas on how to use this beautiful color.

Wedding 2018 in purple decoration

wedding deco flowers purple deco

Purple decoration ideas

You can start with the invitations. Choose an interesting font or beautiful flowers in this beautiful color. This will also speak for choosing this color as the main tone for your wedding decoration.

Bridal bouquet in ultraviolet

Since the bride can not wear a purple dress, there is nothing better than magically fresher Bunch of flowers in purple.

This will contrast beautifully with the white wedding dress and attract the attention of all guests additionally.

Bridal shoes in purple

summer wedding purple deco wedding shoes

A hidden purple decoration

You do not often see the bride’s shoes, but this strong color will make the bridal shoes stand out every time they see themselves under the long dress.

Bridesmaid in ultraviolet

It can be said that the bridesmaid is part of the decoration. Dressed in trendy ultraviolet shows that you are in tune with the fashion and have a noble taste. The maidens will certainly be satisfied with your choice.

A groom with style

wedding decors purple deco deco wedding


The groom

The groom can also wear this trendy color. And if you do not want a costume in ultraviolet, you can put on the little details – tie or handkerchief!

Table decoration in ultraviolet

You can only the table decoration decorate in this color, if everything else is too much for you. Fresh flowers, tablecloth, menu card or just ultraviolet candles will make the wedding atmosphere fairy-tale.

The taste is also important

wedding cake purple decoration wedding ideas table decoration wedding

Wedding cake in purple

An ultraviolet wedding cake will definitely be the highlight of the evening. Complete the purple decoration and show your sense of style. But remember that the wedding cake should also taste delicious.

Furthermore, there are many other ideas for purple decoration. Take a look at our pictures and combine these deco tips that you like the most. Have fun scrolling down and have a memorable wedding anniversary in purple!

A fairy tale in purple

wedding decoration trendy colors 2018 purple decoration

Flowers always provide beautiful colors

bridal bouquet purple decoration wedding decorations ideas

A beautiful wedding dress after the last trends 2018

Trendy color 2018 wedding decoration purple deco wedding dress

Make sure you have matching flowers as a table decoration

wedding flowers purple decoration wedding table decoration ideas

A meaningful color that shows a lot of style

three bridesmaids holding wedding bouquets

Wedding invitation in ultraviolet

wedding invitation purple decor wedding ideas

A color inspired by nature

wedding ideas purple decoration wedding decoration in purple

Match everything perfectly

deco ideas wedding purple deco table decoration wedding

A small accent full of effect

purple deco wedding wedding decoration ideas

purple deco wedding invitation ideas wedding decoration

Even the bridesmaids will be glad about this color

purple deco bridesmaid dresses wedding ideas

Decorate your wedding in style

cloth napkins wedding purple decoration

Think everything down to the smallest detail

table decoration wedding purple deco wedding table decoration

Combine the tablecloths and the flowers in color

table decoration purple decoration wedding table decoration ideas

bridal shoes purple deco wedding ideas

Everything has to be perfect on the wedding day!

table decoration wedding wedding decoration purple decoration


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