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Reach more comfort through retro wallpapers

retro wallpaper pattern 70s years

Design your wall with retro wallpapers

Today we want to help those of you who have planned a redesign in-house. If you like the retro style, this is for the wall design in your question, then we have some great ideas ready for you!

File wall with retro photo wallpaper, but not from the 70’s

We all know that you can create an accent wall with wallpapers.


But if you have the taste for a style like retro, you can do more with it.

However, at this point we want to clarify that we do not mean the first models that appeared in the 70’s. Let’s be honest: they were not the best there was. Rather, we would like to point out that you can use wallpapers to integrate some popular retro elements into the house.

Retro flair and designer furniture

retro wallpaper designer furniture graphic pattern

Bold and creative

You can introduce the retro patterns while remaining bold and creative. So these models will also write great in a modern, minimalist ambience. But what kind of pattern can that be? Take a look at the simple wallpapers from earlier decades! Rummage through the familiar graphics and artworks. You can find there a great treasure of patterns and pictures. These can now be transferred with the help of digital technologies on a wall wallpaper. Such a work for the accent wall can be created, inter alia, in an advertising agency. The project may be a bit expensive. But in the end, you should not forget that you are thinking of your own enjoyment, which you will experience for a longer time.

Filigree flowers

retro wallpaper colorful floral motifs vintage

Theme – History

Having retro wallpapers can also mean you pick up topics that were once up to date. Think about an age when you were so fascinated by man’s entering the moon. Spoil yourself through this theme wonderful nights! That’s not such a bad idea, right?

Fine drawn leaves

retro wallpaper leaves drawn


Stylish mid-century atmosphere

retro wallpaper flowers pattern brown

Geometric patterns for more dynamics

retro wallpaper colorful pattern geometric

Gray nuances and delicate flowers

retro wallpaper floral pattern gray nuances

Large floral and pastel colors

retro wallpaper big colorful flowers

How to sleep in space

retro wallpaper moon bedroom modern interior

Masculine aftertaste in the living room

retro wallpaper pattern brown flowers masculine

Designer icon and subtle retro pattern

retro wallpaper pattern geometric eames lounge chair

Delicate shades and delicate floral patterns

retro wallpaper pattern gray bright floral

Classic in gray and black

retro wallpaper pattern masculine gray black

Curved lines and modern interior design

retro wallpaper oval geometric graphic pattern

Retro ambience with mystical Zen mood

retro wallpaper round pattern asian chinese

Toile de Jouy in Asian style

retro wallpaper vintage floral blue pattern


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