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Renew kitchen fronts: clever tips and tricks for kitchen renovation

Renew kitchen fronts: With these tricks the kitchen renovation works quite simply

Renovating the kitchen is by no means an easy or inexpensive task. You should invest a lot of time, money and effort to enjoy a brand new kitchen design. But there are also a few tricks that can give the old kitchen new shine and save yourself a lot of work and money.

If you want to experience these tricks and benefit from them, then you are right here. We look for cheap alternatives and put together the most popular solutions for you.

Order custom kitchen fronts

Renew kitchen fronts Kitchen cabinet doors replace real wood

Renew kitchen fronts

Often the kitchen is still in good shape, but your kitchen has lost its shine. That does not mean that you need a new kitchenette. But on the contrary! Take advantage of the old and renew only the kitchen fronts. There are a few variations on how you do that. You can:

♦ replace the kitchen fronts

♦ refresh the kitchen fronts with self-adhesive decorative foil

♦ Replace the handles of the kitchen cabinets

If you decide to change the kitchen fronts, you have at least two options. If you have a built-in kitchen with standardized dimensions, do not hesitate to pre-fabricate kitchen fronts. Such can be found in many colors and many materials.

Exchange kitchen fronts with standardized dimensions

Replace kitchen fronts Kitchen cabinet doors exchange color

It may be that your kitchen does not consist of standardized components. In this case you need an individual solution. Let you’r Kitchen fronts made to measure finished and so you determine the new design of your kitchen. Whether in high gloss or matt, you are spoiled for choice.

Combine kitchen fronts in different colors

Kitchen fronts refresh kitchen cabinet doors exchange ideas

Self-adhesive decorative films are a cost-effective way to give your old fronts a new look. Under no circumstances underestimate the work and effort of this variant. One almost never gets the desired result (e.g., bubbles in the film). It is simpler kitchen cabinets to exchange as a whole.

This also applies to the handles of kitchen cabinets. These are easily replaceable and do not cost much, but the effect that such small details can achieve is very impressive.

Give the old kitchen new shine

Replace kitchen fronts Kitchen cabinet doors swap examples

What you can still exchange is the kitchen worktop. Choose a material that suits your tastes and looks great with your new kitchen fronts. Granite is often preferred here, but is by no means the only option.

Before and after

Replace kitchen fronts Replace kitchen cabinet doors before and after

Armed with these tricks, you can also renovate your kitchen relatively easily and inexpensively. We wish you good luck!


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