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Renovate your kitchen so that it gets more value

Renovate your kitchen so that it gets more value

Do you have a kitchen renovation? Do you have a long list of modern and maybe extravagant ideas? It will raise your spirits and give you a whole new feeling. But such ideas do not necessarily bring a higher value of your kitchen. You can achieve this with kitchen design ideas that stay up to date longer.

Is increasing the sales value of the apartment your main priority? Then read the following designer tips.

Luxurious facilities

The right kitchen appliances are sufficient for the comfortable and modern appearance of the kitchen. The regular exchange makes sense. If you sell the old equipment and then count the ergonomic work of the new, the investment pays off. Luxurious appliances also increase the value of the apartment in case of resale.

Luxurious retro-style appliances

kitchen equipment renovation design tips luxury appliances

Decor in neutral colors

The personalized color selection is a great danger when reselling. It usually reflects your own taste, but gives the whole thing no plus. Most furniture and walls should then be executed in neutral shades. A new buyer would much more likely prefer this.

Such a room can simply be transformed to the taste of another.

The white color is the best for your neutral environment

kitchen furniture renovation design tips furnishing in neutral colors

Professionally furnished kitchen

The professionally equipped kitchen costs a lot, but ensures you a high quality of life and the opportunity to prepare cheaper healthy food. This reduces the costs in everyday life and also brings the homeowner significant advantage.

The providers of professional kitchens always place a high value on combining modern appearance and function. That is why such interior design will significantly enhance your interior design.

Minimalist and at the same time professionally furnished kitchen

kitchen furniture renovation design tips profi


space expansion

All possible buyers would certainly like to have a large kitchen. So think about the idea of ​​not ripping off a wall to create an open space? The work is worthwhile though.

Think carefully about whether an extension is worthwhile in the future

kitchen equipment renovation design tips extension

What brings no new value?

Finally, let’s name some popular renewals that do not bring any value. It does not mean that they are not worth it: everything that makes you make your home more beautiful and homely has a purpose. However, you must be aware that this will not increase the price of the apartment.

First and foremost are the super luxurious extras that only have one or two essential functions in the kitchen. When selling the designer lights will not necessarily lead to a higher price. These are especially there to show your personal taste. That’s why they’re probably not as appreciated by others as they are by you.

Finally, we would like to call attention to the introduction of new bizarre trends. If you like it a lot, then renew your kitchen design. However, be aware that many are likely to be out of date with the arrival of a new fashion trend.

So we wish you a successful kitchen renovation according to your own priorities!

The extension of the kitchen should be to your liking

kitchen decor renovation design tips extension design

The neutral environment in the room in 2019 is worthwhile

kitchen decor renovation design tips neutral colors

Kitchen with few features is not recommended

kitchen furniture renovation design tips extra

Show your personal taste

kitchen furnishings renovation design tips wrong

The neutral environment symbolizes minimalism

kitchen furniture renovation design tips neutral environment

The professionally furnished kitchen ensures comfort

kitchen furnishing renovation design tips profesionnelle

The room extension is a worthwhile investment

kitchen furniture renovation design tips room extension

Works of art in the kitchen contribute to a modern appearance

kitchen furniture renovation design tips theme


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