Retro colors that make a great decor comeback

etro colors that make a great decor comeback

Every lover of fashion and home accessories knows that trends are always coming full circle, which is perfect if you want to give your home a retro feel or a touch of color. Luckily, if you are fascinated by retro colors, they are back on trend in a big way! Here are the retro colors, which are no longer retro, but now trendy and perfect to add to your home.

Autumn gold

Retro-Farben, die ein großes Dekor Comeback machen
Autumn gold is the perfect shade when you want to bring color with an Autumn Vibe. The color works best when added to wood elements. The rich wood gives life to the color, without departing from the beauty or the natural color.

A hue that has been seen over the centuries finally comes back with a furry autumn gold. The shadow itself screams vintage vibes and still has a few falls. The beauty of it is its classic aesthetics, which works well with numerous different shades and textures.

Kelly Green

Retro-Farben, die ein großes Dekor Comeback machen
This powerful color is perfect as a strong wall paint. The intensity of this hue revolves around his ability to be versatile and yet so powerful. Combine with blue and metallic shades to bring the color back to life. Consider adding patterns that provide clues to Kelly Green to bring it all together.

This classic, enchanting green is another beautiful shade that is returning very strongly this year. Greens in general, make a comeback because of their natural feel, interior design will flaunt more about the homeowner’s personality, while still feeling more natural and less dramatic. Kelly Green is the perfect color to combine with pink, creating a classic, trendy combination.

Dusty rose

Retro-Farben, die ein großes Dekor Comeback machen
Have you always wanted to give a feminine touch to your living room, but have not you found the right way? If this is the case you should add dusty rose curtains. Their simple appeal appears great and responsible for the space when they are beautifully displayed in a well-lit room.

We mentioned the dusty rose in our “best color combinations for 2018” because it’s a nice color combination. Do not confuse this muted tone with “Millennial Pink,” a hue that looks brighter and more modern. Dusty Rose just feels worldly and trendy and yet so old.

Rich Burgundy

Retro-Farben, die ein großes Dekor Comeback machen
The richness of a dark burgundy hue, presented as an accent color, comes from its ability to distinguish itself while giving its own spotlight to the other hues. Combine with white, gray, plum and red shades for a perfect contrast that makes sense and gives a full circle.

Burgundy itself has always had a subtle undertone, but a richer, darker tone adds a mysterious atmosphere. Combine with Metallic for an elegant, fun variation of this classic color. You can also add nudes that bounce off the beauty of this color.


Retro-Farben, die ein großes Dekor Comeback machen
Olive green is perfect as an accent color in a muted room, especially when paired with shades of gray and / or muted orange burners. Add intricate lighting fixtures to easily match your decor.

Think of this color as the new neutral – it has depth, visual appeal, and it comes together beautifully when combined with more powerful hues. This is a color that demands your attention and yet has a timeless retro look.

Classic Blues

Retro-Farben, die ein großes Dekor Comeback machen
Mixing and blending different shades of blue is perfect for adding texture and personality to any room, especially in the living room . Combine them with bold neutral pieces to bring your decor back to life. While the different shades of blue can make a big statement.

Timeless, classic blues come back into the trend as more homeowners want to have a coastline, a backdrop that screams ageless decor. That’s what classic blues like navy paired with white bits that have some sort of texture and pattern do for your home.


Retro-Farben, die ein großes Dekor Comeback machen
Add a shiny piece in the kitchen to your red wine of choice to get a retro vibe. Combine here and there throughout the kitchen area with various red remnants to make the entire space attractive. Use file and steel as the primary color of choice for an undeniable suppleness.

Red has long had a bad connotation because it is known as a “stressful” color. However, it is one of those retro colors that comes back to a staple in the house. We love this retro shade in the kitchen and office for a touch of rich colors.

Unforgettable teal

Retro-Farben, die ein großes Dekor Comeback machen
Teal in the kitchen is perfect vintage and beautiful, especially if it’s paired with classic steel aesthetics and / or other dark, vintage pieces. You may even want to add classic lights to make your teal cabinets timeless.

Teal is another color we mentioned in our “Best Color Combinations for 2018” due to its appeal to the 1950s. We love this color in the kitchen because of its old world aesthetics and the idea that the color is a muted combination of green and blue.


Retro-Farben, die ein großes Dekor Comeback machen
Take a dark wall and brighten up everything with accent chairs that bring the room to life. Use nuances of petrol to add an extra dose of fat richness. This brings liveliness, while dark hues become the staple that brings space together.

This hue not only reminds of its boldness in the 1960s, but also becomes the perfect accent that brings everything together. For a softer setting to take account of this trend, using it with neutrals, the contrast will soften the boldness of it.


Retro-Farben, die ein großes Dekor Comeback machen
Mint is a wonderful pastel shade, it’s a blend of green that lightens a room yet is soft and subtle. His ability to be the main focus while flying under the radiator is the perfect color to emphasize any metallics.

The informal color became more formal and modern. Combine it with rich darker pieces of wood for this modern aesthetic. Consider it an essential complement to the room while still having a softer focus. If you do, you will have the feeling of color without being overpowering.


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