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Retro fridges add a touch of nostalgia to the kitchen!

More shine and romance in the kitchen with the retro refrigerators

Are you by nature both eccentric and romantic? Then you will certainly like the retro refrigerators. Are we right? You certainly feel addressed by the following examples of kitchen design. They are very modern and yet carry something of the charm of the last century with them. They achieve the latter, especially by having a retro refrigerator as the centerpiece in the kitchen.

And you surely know that only the external design is retro. Behind the somewhat old-fashioned appearances are the latest technologies.

Does all this sound perfect as a combination? Then stay tuned and learn more about retro refrigerators. Take a look at the great examples that show you how to integrate them into the interior design.

Features of the retro refrigerators

refrigerators retro retro refrigerators

There are so many different models in the kitchen technology market. With this great variety, it is quite difficult to distinguish which models are actually retro and which are simply original. The boundaries are very fluid. Many modern design refrigerators only show some retro features and combine them with the modern features.

Let’s first describe what makes modern refrigerators different from others.

Original colors

refrigerator colored design refrigerator kitchen accessories retro refrigerators

A first feature that distinguishes retro refrigerators from others is the original colors. They are glaring when the designers and manufacturers, for example, draw inspiration from the 80s. This is very often the case with retro refrigerators. The bright nuances make the fridge an accent in the kitchen. They provide more joie de vivre and character in an otherwise monochrome space.

But if you prefer the neutral decor, then you can opt for vintage style. Many new models show neutral shades and different applications in this style.

In this second case, the retro or vintage refrigerators are no longer an accent, but on the contrary – they blend so well with the interior design of the kitchen that they look like a natural part of it.

In all cases, the colors are very original and make the fridges more reminiscent of furniture than cold technology.

Innovative technologies and retro design

retro refrigerators furnishing tips design refrigerators


What about combining innovative technologies and retro design? That’s a question that keeps a lot of people busy. Both can be wonderfully combined. The modern retro refrigerators have the highest energy ratings. Achieving this while having a design from the 50s, 60s or 80s is not a matter of course and requires a lot of investment in design. Hence the high prices.

However much we like retro design, we would like to warn you that you have to think hard about such issues. If you invest in it, you have to be sure that you will need a retro fridge for a long time. If this is not the case or you are not sure if this particular design pleases you for a long time, then you save the expenses rather. There are also many DIY variants, where you can achieve a retro look with foil or other decorative means. So you can also try out whether the retro style is indeed something for you or not.

Fancy design refrigerators

modern refrigerators design refrigerator retro refrigerators

Finally, we would like to point out that there are a lot of fancy fridge designs that will surely grab your attention. Some remind of suitcases or other items that have nothing to do with the technology and their charisma. If you opt for such models, you will create a particularly original effect in your kitchen design.

Would you like to experiment with kitchen design in retro style? Do you only do this with a fridge or would you prefer to introduce a complete kitchen set-up that is completely in this style?

Shine and precious for the kitchen

retro refrigerators fridge retro

The bright nuances make the fridge an accent in the kitchen

refrigerator red retro refrigerator retro refrigerators

Spice up your old fridge yourself

diy ideas kitchen design design fridge retro refrigerators

The modern retro refrigerators have the highest energy ratings

refrigerator colored design refrigerator retro refrigerators

The retro refrigerator provides more joie de vivre and character in an otherwise monochrome space

kitchen set up retro refrigerators

The retro refrigerator in serenity color can be well written in any kitchen equipment

kitchen fashion reto refrigerators design fridge

The retro refrigerators harmonize so much with the interior design of the kitchen

kitchen design retro refrigerators set up tips

Insert decorative items in the same color

refrigerator blue retro refrigerators kitchen appliances

Innovative models with an old look

design refrigerator refrigerator black retro refrigerators

This model in matt black adapts perfectly to the kitchen furniture

design refrigerator refrigerator black retro refrigerators

Which is your favorite color?

refrigerator retro refrigerators colored set up tips

The retro refrigerators are also available in different sizes

design fridge refrigerator pink retro refrigerators

refrigerator white design refrigerator retro refrigerators

retro refrigerators kitchen design design refrigerators

design fridge furnishing tips fridge retro retro refrigerators

fridge colored kitchen design home furnishings retro refrigerators

smeg fridge design refrigerator retro refrigerators

kitchen equipment design refrigerator retro refrigerators


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