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Retro Refrigerators – 32 models that are in fashion

Retro refrigerators – a modern decision?

Are the retro refrigerators still modern? Will the expensive models be up to date even after a few years? We think that with the help of the next examples of well-known brands and great designs, you can decide for yourself by taking a close look at them and getting to know their technical characteristics.

The advantages of modern retro refrigerators

refrigerator colored kitchen appliances set up tips

Let’s start with a short explanation of the term. Are there any modern retro refrigerators? What do you have to understand by that? The imitation of models from the 50s, 60s or 80s has not been popular since yesterday. On the contrary: The retro refrigerators are a fashion that is repeatedly included in various forms.

You always interpret the old models a little differently than before.

So how do you distinguish the really modern retro refrigerators from the others?

The latest technologies come into play!

design refrigerator fridge colored

The first criterion is the technologies used in the preparation. The retro refrigerators remind us of old times only in terms of design. But they have to be worked out according to the latest technological requirements so that they can be called modern.

This is sometimes reflected in the design. For example, the authentic refrigerators from around the 80s are usually only with one door. This is a bit different with the modern interpretations of retro models. They are often in two parts, because it saves energy.

Typical features of the design

design fridge refrigerator retro


Now we come to the typical features of the design of the retro refrigerators. We describe these before we tackle the question of how to integrate them into modern interiors. Retro refrigerators, unlike most other modern models, have a well-rounded design. They all still have bright or extraordinary colors.

The retro refrigerators and the modern kitchen

kitchen design retro refrigerators design refrigerator

What makes retro refrigerators so popular in the presence of many attractive modern models? In our opinion, it is about combining features and functions, which is unique in itself. For example, the retro refrigerators have a classic look and look very original due to their colorful appearance. Furthermore, the retro refrigerators give the interior design a homely atmosphere.

You can also remind us of a cabinet or other piece of furniture and are therefore suitable for people who do not like the cold radiation of kitchen appliances.

The retro refrigerators – an expensive pleasure

kitchen appliances retro refrigerators design refrigerator

The many benefits of retro refrigerators come at a price. They are really expensive and you have to calculate in advance if you want to use such a refrigerator in the long term, so that the investment is worthwhile.

Great DIY projects

DIY Ideas Retro Refrigerators Design Refrigerator

But if you like the retro charm, but do not want to pay too high price, then we have an alternative for you. We can have the simple refrigerators with films and other decorative means style reminiscent of retro pieces. The results in this case are often modern and original enough.

Add a touch of nostalgia to your kitchen

kitchen design design fridge smeg fridge

The retro refrigerators have a rounded design

smeg fridge retro refrigerators

Kitchen appliances in this style are simply a hot trend

design refrigerator kitchen appliances retro refrigerators

Spice up the white kitchen furniture with a retro fridge

furnishing ideas retro refrigerators design chill

The retro refrigerators can be found in different colors

kitchen set up kitchen appliances design fridge

This picture speaks for itself!

design fridge smeg fridge set up tips

The retro fridge is a great accent in the kitchen

design fridge retro refrigerators

A model that makes you feel more cheerful

colorful refrigerators retro refrigerators

Combine several retro kitchen appliances together

design refrigerator smeg fridge retro refrigerators

The vintage style never goes out of fashion

kitchen set up design refrigerator set up tips

A model that attracts everyone’s attention

refrigerator retro design fridge fridge colorful

kitchen equipment kitchen fashion retro refrigerator

The colored retro refrigerators can be well integrated into any interior design style

furnishing tips kitchen appliances retro refrigerators

The white fridge ensures a color balance

kitchen design refrigerator retro refrigerators

Contemporary fridge models are real eye-catchers

refrigerator colorful retro refrigerators smeg fridge

Design icons for real connoisseurs

retro refrigerators fridge colored

Retro devices in pantone colors

fridge colored design fridge

refrigerator colored retro refrigerators kitchen appliances

refrigerator retro smeg fridge

modern kitchen retro refrigerators design fridge

retor refrigerators refrigerator colored kitchen appliances

retro refrigerator design refrigerator colorful fridge

retro fridge design refrigerator red refrigerator

retro fridge kitchen set up design refrigerators

smeg fridge retro fridge design fridge

furnishing tips retro fridge design fridge

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