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Room design with colors – paint the ceiling in black

room design with colors black ceiling wall paint bedroom

11 reasons to paint your ceiling in black

I grew up with the idea that the ceiling would have to be a white or at least a brighter version of the wall. What is your idea with the idea of ​​painting the ceiling black?

That sounded like a revolution to me that only a crazy teenager could instigate.

But having looked at a few examples, I have to say that I am fully convinced that such a blanket could look really beautiful. Black blankets challenge the senses, draw attention to details that you want to emphasize, and help a great deal in cases when you want to create a dramatic mood.

While the black dress is considered the ultimate in fashion, the blanket can be described as the “bad kid” of decoration. It is not obedient, but loves to provoke, and makes each room a bit more special.

Need more arguments why you should opt for a black blanket? Here are eleven cases where this solution is particularly appropriate:

  1. The black color echoes from the other elements in the room

If there are many black objects in different places in the room, then the ceiling can unite everything and create a uniform appearance

Room design with colors – make each room a bit more special

room design with colors black blanket wooden floorboards bedroom

  1. Emphasize the trim

Do you have a peculiar joiner’s work? Make this stand out by painting its surface in black.

Start with the chic furnishing in the room

room design with colors black ceiling white living room

  1. Let the ceiling look lower

You always want high ceilings, you would think spontaneously. But these can actually make the room feel cold and imposing. The black color on the ceiling will make the room feel lower, without having to sacrifice real space.

Create an optical illusion by using the power of colors

room design with colors black ceiling dining room

  1. Let the ceiling appear higher

It sounds like a contradiction, right? However, if you can not clearly define the boundaries of space, it will appear larger. The effect is enhanced by the painting of the upper parts of the walls in black.

Play with the ceiling height

room design with colors black blanket bathroom wall murals

  1. Make more drama

Imagine, the furniture and the surfaces in this room are gone. What is left then? You are dealing with a rather modest plasterboard box. The black ceiling makes for a particularly interesting and exciting appearance in the room.

Forget the boring interior design

room design with colors black blanket beige living room

  1. When the rest of the room has been done in black and white

Think of Chaplin. Some things just look better in black and white. In this example, the black ceiling is a wonderful reflection of the floor in the same shade. The binding motif that appears on the walls emphasizes the color combination.

Bathroom completely furnished in black and white

room design with colors black blanket bathroom toilet wall wallpaper

  1. To hide the dirt

So you can hide the dirt on the ceiling of a room. Because another layer of building material there can cost a lot of effort and money. Painting the walls with a thin black layer is clearly the cheaper solution. Although this will not completely remove the problem, the ceiling will certainly look less bad and the room will get its height.

A practical and affordable solution

room design with colors black ceiling bathroom living area sofa

  1. When the walls are black

If you ever bother and paint the walls in black, you may also want to include the ceiling in this process. The bedroom here is dramatic and incredibly cool. But it would not look half as good if the ceiling had a different color.

Paint the four walls and the ceiling in black

room design with colors black ceiling bathroom wall paint

The same goes for the bathroom. This is one of the best places to try something new.

  1. space definition

It is difficult to distinguish one room from another when living within an open plan of living. The black blanket can be very helpful in this case, and you save the money for a carpet or other cabinets in the room.

The open plan living area visually separates the rooms using the color scheme

room design with colors black living room wall paint library

  1. To focus attention on a prospect

Yes, surely this view would be nice, even if the ceiling were white. But do you notice how the black blanket raises your eyes to the view like a kind of red carpet unfolding before your eyes?

Focus attention on the right point

room design with colors black ceiling furnishing living room

  1. Because you are a teenager and a rebel

Yes, I said at the beginning that the black blanket is not just for rebellious teenagers. But that does not mean she does not suit them!

An expression of resistance

room design with colors black blanket black white bedroom


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