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Rustic decoration in the garden – 35 delightful ideas for more naturalness and coziness

Spring is already on the threshold and it is time to think of a renewed garden design. You should definitely bet on planting and decorating! Forget about the old boring plant containers and traditional decorating ideas and give your garden a characterful look. A rustic decoration would do that! So if you think that your garden needs a fresh new touch, take a look at our rustic deco ideas! Hopefully they will act as a fresh inspiration for your renewed garden decoration!

Old objects turn into beautiful eye-catchers in the garden

rustic decor garden ideas decoration

Rustic deco ideas for the garden

Rustic gardens invite you to long relaxation and rest. Diverse flowers and natural materials create a kind of rural idyll. The cottage garden is characterized by a natural, healthy lifestyle. And a special charisma of course! For example, garden sheds with a thatched roof are typical for this garden style, as are wooden fences, for example, fence fence and rose arches.

However, you can design your garden according to regional and individual preferences.

For more cosiness in the garden you provide a stylishly used rustic decoration. It’s not hard to bring a rustic touch to the outdoors. This can definitely be romantic!

Rustic and at the same time so romantic …

rustic deco rustic garden lighting ideas

Garden decor ideas with rustic touch

In contrast to the vegetable garden are not tomatoes in the foreground of the garden design, but large flower beds. Farm hydrangea, roses, vetches, bleeding heart, hollyhocks and daisies provide the unique charm of the rustic garden. But also certain decorative items have a great contribution to it. Rural elements, lots of wood, antique decorations … All this makes the rustic garden décor.

For example, wooden flower boxes can be wonderfully integrated into a rustic garden. A nice alternative to the old standard plant pots are also the galvanized metal tubs, which make a wonderful contrast to the other garden elements.

In the rustic garden decoration you really have plenty of room to experiment!

rustic deco creative deco flowers

The garden lighting can also look rustic!

rustic decoration lighting garden ideas

Even disused garden furniture can be easily converted into rustic pieces of furniture. As a plant container or as a scene of different deco you get great application. Old kitchen chairs are the best example. Either remove the seat or make a hole in it and you will get an atypical but spectacular container for your favorite flowers! For example, old wheelbarrows, which are widely used in the countryside to carry manure or hay, are also great for exhibiting flowers. Cages, barrels and ladders are other options. The last ones save space in a small garden and are in many cases an excellent solution on a small area! Let’s not forget the old tin cans! There are many ways to continue using them and making suitable containers for the plants. For example, you could paint them in bright colors and turn them into beautiful eye-catchers in the garden!

Arrange old tin cans next to each other and create an imaginative outdoor wall decoration

rustic decoration outdoor area shape ideas

Simply charming, the flowers look like rustic plant containers!

rustic deco tree slices flowers garden ideas

Leave only your imagination free and make a fancy garden decoration! Use everything you have at hand and transform into a cool rustic garden décor! Soon all friends and neighbors will be fascinated by your garden!

Decorate the entrance in a rustic style

rustic decoration entrance deco old look

Put on a subtle table decoration in a rustic style

rustic decoration fresh garden decor garden furniture

Also, the wedding party can be upgraded with rustic decoration

rustic deco garden ideas wedding flower vases

rustic decor garden ideas living area exterior

rustic deco garden furniture unusual garden table

rustic deco garden furniture green side table fresh carpet

Create a rustic atmosphere in the garden

rustic decoration garden table deco flowers flower candles

rustic deco hanging lamps wooden table plants

rustic deco candlelight large elegant garden table

Be creative!

rustic deco creative craft ideas garden colored flowers

rustic deco rattan furniture fresh throw pillows

rustic decor garden thong ceiling

Design the garden stairs in vintage style

rustic deco rustic plant container garden stairs decorate

rustic deco terrace wall clock candles

rustic decoration garden cozy wood a lot of greenery

Fresh flowers on the wooden table in the garden make for a rustic look

rustic decoration garden plants wooden table tree

rustic deco old piano as a flowerbed

rustic deco fresh garden ideas old patina flowers

Imaginative garden design for pleasant hours outdoors

rustic decoration fresh gardening flowers grass

rustic decoration garden garden party ideas

rustic decoration cozy fresh creative

Romantic lighting in the garden for a feminine touch

rustic decor backyard garden ideas rustic lighting

beautify rustic decor garden deco wood fence

rustic deco hanging deco garden wooden table

Even small details in a rustic style make for more cosiness

rustic deco rattan furniture recreation area rustic lighting

rustic deco cones plant garden decorate

rustic decor garden furniture plant terrace shape

Wooden table with an old look fits perfectly in a rustic setting

rustic decoration old books rest area

rustic deco colorful deco ideas garden metal plant container


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