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Safe privacy for the home and the office – 40 beautiful ideas

In midsummer the weather is beautiful and the sun is shining strongly. Sometimes it bothers us at work or messes up our plans for full relaxation at home. Surely you know the following situations: You intend to sleep well at the weekend. Well, but there is something against your good intentions – the first rays of sun on early Sunday morning come directly into your bedroom and interfere with the onward sleep. Or you have to write something urgent in the office until the end of the workday, as the afternoon sun hides the PC screen, so you can see almost nothing and have to continue working “blindly”. In these cases it is crystal clear, you need a good sun and privacy at home and in the office! We want to help you in this regard and present equally great ideas on how to banish the summer heat, the strong light and even curious glances from the rooms.

Opaque curtains and curtains are the classic variant for safe sun and privacy at home

privacy protection fancy pom pom curtains spice up the room

Classic sun and privacy: opaque curtains and curtains

Maybe you are a passionate lover of classic interior design? Then we have something special for you! Do not hesitate when it comes to window decoration and put on classic curtains and opaque curtains for your safe sun and privacy at home.

These can be found in different lengths, as well as in all sorts of colors and patterns. Whether classic all white or plain in a trendy color, finely patterned, striped or with dots, the color and pattern range is endless here.

Whether floor-length or a little shorter, opaque curtains and curtains not only decorate your windows, they do not even allow any curious neighbor’s views to enter the room. If you like to take a nap in the afternoon, then thick curtains and curtains are the best choice for you. They reliably stop the hot sun and darken your rest oasis. In addition, you have an enormous freedom of design here and can adapt the design of your window decoration equal to the interior design style of your home and create a very appealing living environment.

Put on the classic look of opaque curtains and curtains

privacy in the bedroom bright curtains refresh the ambience

Pleats and blinds decorate not only the windows, but the whole ambience

From classic we go straight to more modern variants for good visibility and sun protection for the home and the office. These undoubtedly include pleats and blinds. These can be found in a rich variety in specialty stores. You can be surprised, because pleats and blinds can be perfectly registered in every ambience. Especially the pleats are currently very high in the course, because they can serve as a colorful accents in the room. If you want a special eye-catcher in your living room or bedroom, in the kitchen or in the home office, then you can decorate your windows with pleats. So you enjoy a very good and reliable sun and privacy in your own home and at the same time you have achieved an interesting decorative effect.

The roller blinds also have their special advantages. They can be pulled up or down very quickly, so that the room can turn from light to dark in no time, or vice versa. Roller blinds give you great freedom in designing the window decoration. Here you are certainly spoiled for choice, because with pleats and roller blinds you have a rich selection of colors, patterns and motifs. These are very popular in delicate pastel colors and with floral patterns. Our favorites include roller blinds decorated with maritime motifs that are reminiscent of the blue sea and introduce a touch of romance in the living environment.

Plissees or window blinds? You decide!

living room view and sun protection by modern plissees

Slats and blinds

The already briefly explained variants for safe sun and sight protection are simply great for every home. But every day we spend many hours in the office, so that we should not underestimate the appealing design there. This strongly influences the motivation and work concentration of all employees. Many modern people are currently working from home, where they spend hours sitting in front of the screen doing their daily tasks. No matter where your workplace is, the working environment needs to be stylish, so everyone enjoys the best working conditions. Part of this aspect of our everyday life are the slats and blinds, which ensure reliable glare protection.

These are rather than just a good protection from the glaring sun or from strange eyes. They are characterized by great flexibility. You can choose the light yourself according to your personal wishes or individual needs. So you can control the lighting design in offices, as well as at home. And the most important thing is to avoid any glare on your monitor and to be able to work concentrated and effectively for a long time on the PC. Slats can even be successfully used as room dividers, which is used successfully in large spaces.

With the right glare protection, working in the office is easier

View protection in the living room through slats

In this article, we tried to present the advantages of the individual variants for safe sun, glare and privacy protection succinctly. Depending on your preferences and the appropriate room design, estimate which protection option suits you best. We wish you a sun-protected summer and enjoy your time at home and in the office!

Create an appealing ambience for creative work at home or in the office

home decor dining curtains with beautiful pattern as decoration and privacy

Create a homely working atmosphere in your office or home office

vision protection for the office suitable solutions and beautiful interior ideas

vision protection ideas for the office plissees are a good solution here

vision protection for the dining area

visual protection curtains with trendy patterns that enhance the space

vision protection in the dining area bright curtains for a seamless ambience

View protection in the modern living room. Cream-colored curtains

consider privacy in the bedroom bright curtains are a great solution

Privacy protection in the bedroom is a must curtains in stark shades

living ideas bedroom privacy with opaque curtains

privacy in the bedroom considering trendy curtains

visual protection in the living area gray curtains that are inscribed into the interior design

privacy in the living room yellow curtains bring mood and comfort to this room

vision protection short curtains in fresh colors for small windows

Privacy protection and sunscreen with pleated fresh interior solutions

privacy and sun protection by plissees

living ideas bedroom trendy curtains for a stylish ambience

view and sun protection with blinds for the living room

View protection and sun protection in the living room by creating pleats

living ideas dining room green curtains create a nice mood in the room

living room dining plissees create more living comfort

living room dining room stylish curtains for privacy and sun protection

living ideas dining room transparent curtains in black

Residential bedroom curtains for privacy and sun protection

living room bedroom curtains in beige for sight and sun protection

home decor bedroom gray curtains for an elegent sleeping area

living room living room dark curtains in the living room

living room living room fresh curtain pattern and beautiful carpet

living room living room bright curtains create a nice living feeling

living room living room pleated is a good solution for the sight and sun protection

living ideas living room view and sunshade ideas

vision protection through pleated ideas for better living comfort

privacy protection ideas for the living room curtains with fresh pattern

privacy in the bedroom and at the same time also sunscreen

home decor living room curtains with striped pattern

living room living room breezy white curtains

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