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Savoy Recipes that are very tasty and also healthy!

tasty savoy cabbage recipes healthy food prepared savoy cabbage

Savoy cabbage recipes – is it even festive?

Are you looking for a really suitable recipe for Christmas? It should be delicious meat and yet it must not be too heavy for the stomach? Have you ever thought of poultry with a light side dish? Savoy cabbage recipes, that is certainly a very successful choice.

Turkey would be particularly suitable for this occasion. But if you have never prepared them in this way, with savoy cabbage, you do not risk too much.

Then you could even try this recipe for Christmas. Duck with kale also tastes great and is also a very festive choice.

We have decided to introduce you today to the two variants.

Try an appetizing recipe

turkey recipes healthy cooking recipe savoy cabbage

Turkey with kale: recipe

For this you need the following ingredients:

Turkey, savoy cabbage, rice, mushrooms, onions, raisins, salt, thyme, red pepper, dry fennel, marjoram.

You must first wash the turkey very well. Then this must be cooked together with all the innards. In between, take out the “dirty” foam.

Remove from kale the few top leaves. Then carve the rest. Distribute this in the pan. Let the turkey drain. Remove the innards and collect them in another container.

Cook the offal with rice and other products

healthy kale kale savoy cabbage savoy recipes

This is a very important stage in the preparation of the Wirsingsgemüse. In previously heated oil you should lightly fry an onion, mushrooms and rice, along with the offal. Then add raisins, red pepper, a little salt. Add even more fat and a teapot of trillion turkey. Let it all simmer for a few minutes, until the rice has completely taken the water.

Put the turkey in the kale

delicious turkeyahan recipes savoy cabbage recipe

Now fill the turkey with it and sew it together. Then put it on the savoy cabbage, which was already laid out in the pan. Lubricate the turkey with a bit of oil and place on it the leaves that you have severed to the beginning. The turkey has baked from 90 to 120 minutes. The oven must be medium. He must be preheated.

15 minutes before completion you should remove the covering leaves. The turkey is slightly baked and tastes crispy ….

You can also prepare duck with savoy cabbage sauce in a similar way

Savoy cabbage recipe healthy eating recipes kale

One can discover the same recipe and almost the same approach when preparing the duck with savoy cabbage. In this case we would like to recommend you some heartier ingredients. Because the duck is not as greasy as the turkey. You can add smoked sausage to the filling. It may also be that you need a little more time for frying.

With the two recipes you could also take a little wine. If you add white wine in it, you should also enjoy it while eating. Otherwise, red wine fits very well!

And now a few tasty savoy cabbage recipes … Bon appetit!

Tasty potato savoy cabbage meatballs

Healthy Savoy Recipes Vegetables Recipes Healthy Life

Hands in mustard sauce and grilled savoy cabbage

chicken mustard grilled savoy cabbage recipe kale recipes

Prepare a healthy cream soup

cream soup kale healthy cooking savoy cabbage recipe

Salmon fillet with potatoes and savoy cabbage – that will taste delicious!

salmon fillet savoy cabbage savoy cabbage recipes kale recipes

Lentils and kale is a healthy combination

lentils kale supe savoy cabbage recipe to prepare food

How about a combination with pasta?

pasta food cooking healthy live savoy cabbage savoy recipes

A strong salad with bacon

prepare salad ideas food healthy life

Lasagna in a healthy way

recipe savoy cabbage food kale

This is what the kale looks like!

Kale Savoy cabbage recipe kale recipes

A delicious bean and savoy soup

kale food kale savoy cabbage recipes

Minced meat, rice savoy cabbage shop

dishes recipes food cook recipe savoy cabbage

Do you like omelette?

eat recipes healthy life recipe wrings vegetables kale

Mashed potatoes, onion and savoy cabbage as a side dish

Onion potatoes prepare food Savoy cabbage recipes


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