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Scandinavian Design – Create great Scandinavian cuisine

scandinavian kitchens purple carpet runner beautiful kitchen back wall plants

Scandinavian Kitchens – Apply Scandinavian design to your kitchen design

On our website you can read a series of articles about Scandinavian design read. But today we would like to pay particular attention to the Scandinavian kitchens, which are recognized worldwide for their open-minded atmosphere and modern style.

In addition, they consistently use such elements as white walls, wood details and colorful accents in the form of fabrics and other colored ornaments in their interior design. Of course, we have put together a charming picture gallery where you can admire the delightful designs of Scandinavian kitchens. There is something for every taste – from the cheerful white rooms to the rustic ones! All the Scandinavian cuisines shown here spread a warm feeling of security, you think you are in a mountain hut!

Scandinavian cuisine with a rustic wooden dining table

Scandinavian decorate kitchen rustic dining table white interior

Scandinavian cuisine in white-black

scandinavian kitchens white black interior small wall tiles wood

Scandinavian kitchens are also characterized by clear lines and metal accents. Small decorative details and special items such. B. beautiful pendant lights are often seen there. Read on to discover more ideas for a modern kitchen design and browse our gallery for up-to-date photos. You’ll probably get the impulse to pick up some Scandinavian-style elements in your own kitchen …

White wall tiles and black kitchen cabinets combine

scandinavian kitchens dining table carpet wall tiles pendant lamps

Wooden floor and white carpet

Scandinavian design white carpet plants

Elegant scandinavian cuisine in white

Scandinavian design Scandinavian kitchen white interior wooden floor

Wooden worktop is typical of Scandinavian cuisine

Scandinavian design white wall tiles wooden countertop

Create a white ambience in the Scandinavian style

Scandinavian design white interior kitchen island bar stool

Interesting kitchen designs

The Scandinavian kitchens look very bright, their walls are painted in white in most cases. They form a beautiful canvas for colorful accents and other modern decorative elements, such. B. metal components.

Scandinavian cuisine with industrial appeal

Scandinavian set up black stove white dining table

Decorate the kitchen walls with wall stickers

Scandinavian design white kitchen beautiful wall decor tulips

Sometimes a white background is all you need to make the splashes of color more visible. A bright, orange chair captivates the eye immediately and brings a happy mood to the kitchen.

To achieve a modern interior design in the Scandinavian style

scandinavian design scandinavian cuisine set up kitchen island orange accents

Various decorative elements are particularly interesting if they have been integrated into a white painted kitchen. In the next room, a spherical pendant lamp and a bookshelf cabinet create two focal points, primarily because the lamp hangs from above and the wardrobe is bright orange!

The blue chairs attract attention

Scandinavian design white plants blue chairs

But does the Scandinavian kitchen have to be dazzling white? A fresh interior in light blue will meet all requirements as well! The walls of the kitchen below reflect the color of the sky and are illuminated by sunlight coming in through spacious windows.

Combine white and light blue in the kitchen

scandinavian set up kitchen light blue walls carpet runner stripes

When we talk about big windows, the light and airy kitchen shown below is simply breathtaking because of the use of clean lines and open spaces. An ultramodern Scandinavian design in its finest form!

The Scandinavian kitchens are characterized by a fresh and spacious interior

scandinavian set up kitchen round dining table

In other rooms, wood and metal details play a dominant role. But the Scandinavian kitchen creates a cozy, industrial atmosphere, thanks to the ingenious use of space on the walls for storing kitchen accessories.

Cozy kitchen in Scandinavian style

scandinavian rustic scandinavian kitchen

Enchanting patterns

Many Scandinavian kitchens have a distinctively modern look, using a variety of designs and patterns to add a personal taste and warmth.

Tissues are a very simple tip on how to bring a little color into the room. On the next picture you will see a selection of towels and napkins, some of them patterned or colored in rich colors.

Spice up the white kitchen with fresh patterns

Scandinavian kitchen design white ambiente colored carpet

Illuminate the worktop with direct light

Scandinavian modern kitchen set up good lighting

An excellent way to add color, texture and pattern to the kitchen design would be to order a Scandinavian rug for your kitchen as well. The typical Scandinavian weaving motifs add a touch of style and style to any kitchen, bringing in the color of the handmade, which contrasts beautifully with the clean lines of modern details.

Design carpet with a nice pattern, so that the room looks a little more lively

scandinavian kitchens carpet colored fresh

Combine colored carpet and wooden elements

Scandinavian kitchen carpet white kitchen cabinets

Stripes are a popular pattern in Scandinavian kitchens. A colorfully striped carpet is a must in Scandinavian cuisine, creating a vivid effect.

Carpet runner with stripe pattern inscribes great in a Scandinavian cuisine

scandinavian kitchen carpet runner stripes white dining table

In some interiors, the stripes even go on the walls and their elegant drawing of two shades become the predominant pattern of the entire Scandinavian-style kitchen! So, what do we have? White-painted cabinets, a retro clock and a pendant lamp to refine the classic Scandinavian look.

The black wall clock corresponds nicely with the black lampshade

Scandinavian design Scandinavian kitchen black hanging lamp wall clock

The warm effect of wood accents and wood paneling

We would not be able to tell you anything about the Scandinavian kitchens in an article, but we just can not leave out some wooden accents. Warm wood accents could indeed transform the room to look like a real farmhouse!

Metal and wood combine to create a unique atmosphere. Kitchen island and wine storage are made entirely of wood. Stainless steel kitchen appliances give the finishing touch!

Combination of white brick walls and wooden countertop

Scandinavian kitchens wooden kitchen island pendant lights

Elegant combination of light gray kitchen cabinets and wooden kitchen island

Scandinavian set up kitchen island barstool open shelves

In most cases wood interiors have the charm of a country cottage, especially if there is a fireplace! In the Scandinavian-style room below, the charm of a ski lodge is easily reached by using wooden-clad walls and a wooden floor. And in addition a deer head hangs on the wall …

Gorgeous wooden accent wall attracts attention

scandinavian set up kitchen wood wall floor

Now we conclude with a Scandinavian kitchen, which is characterized by a lot of wood in the interior, as well as wooden pendant lights and dark wood accents here and there. White walls make the room more captivating than austere.

Wood can be found in almost all Scandinavian kitchens

scandinavian set up kitchen fresh plants

Now that you’ve gotten to know a Scandinavian-style piece, you can share your favorite ideas with us. What do you prefer exactly? A completely white painted kitchen with single color trains? Or are you more fascinated by the wood interiors? Do you like patterned textiles, such as B. Scandinavian-style woven rugs? Or are you perhaps taken by the fresh, clearly contoured rooms with a minimum of accents?

Spice up the white kitchen with colored kitchen cabinets

Scandinavian design light green kitchen cabinets wooden dining table

The open wall shelves are typical of Scandinavian kitchens

Scandinavian design kitchen dark floor tile white wall paint

Scandinavian cuisine with a simple design

Scandinavian design kitchen planting dark kitchen cabinets

Scandinavian-style kitchen with freestanding kitchen island

scandinavian design scandinavian kitchen wood floor kitchen island

Combine white wall paint and dark floor with each other

scandinavian design kitchen light gray walls darker floor

Scandinavian cuisine with white furnishings and wooden floors

Scandinavian design kitchen blue wall tiles wooden floor

Gray mosaic tiles and gray carpet runner

scandinavian design scandinavian kitchen gray carpet runner


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