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Blinds for window linen painting

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Just curtains and nothing more you want to have at the window sometimes. This is often the case in small rooms, which are characterized by lightness and a casual character anyway.

The following pictures are from such contexts.

They clearly demonstrate how practical the privacy of windows can be through a very simple drapery.

The vertical alignment cleans up visually

Screen protection for window vertical gardinnen

Use vertical stripes

You can make simple draping look much more charming with vertical stripes. You can thus bring many more benefits:

-Monochrome color design complement;

-Attach or reinforce an accent color

-The space in horizontal orientation expand

Jute looks natural and ecological

Blinds for windows vertical jute jute

Curtains made of jute or burlap

The worn-out look has a wonderful image with the so popular shabby chic style. That is why you can realize very original ideas from leftover pieces or cheap fabrics. This includes things like the burlap curtains. You can easily spice it up with some small and elegant details.

It depends on the shape, as the curtain fabric then works

Screen protection for window jute jute

With a stylish monochrome device, you can bring a little more dynamism through patterned curtains

Screen protection for windows white curtains with pattern

White fine curtains with patterns

White fine curtains are often there, less to provide privacy than to secure a visually pleasing character in the room. You can also achieve a certain comfort and by matching patterns, also a lot of elegance.

Geometry can work well if the environment is simple

Privacy screen for window geometry

How to paint on a canvas

You can look at the privacy of the window like a white screen. On this you can apply simpler or more elaborate figures with paint. They can also be abstract. That’s not such a bad idea for the nursery, is it?

Why not? Pompous can also be modern

Screen protection for windows white curtains with luxury

As you can already notice: for the patterns and fabrics there are no restrictions

Screen protection for windows white curtains with patterns krickel


Geometry is a big topic in curtain patterns. You can also make a simple strategy to spice up the screen at the window. Simple nuances and shades achieve great effectiveness.

Bright, cheerful colors respond well to the light and create a good mood accordingly

Blinds for windows white curtains with pattern geometry

Colored curtains with gradient

What about an Ombre character in your privacy window? This can be a DIY project that includes matching nuances and bleach.

A natural window screen can be your room planting

Blinds for windows white curtains with pattern plants

Reversed look and other fancy ideas

Extraordinary ideas are an appealing and original variant for the simple privacy of the window. Just look for patterned curtains and turn them upside down.

For those who are good with bleach, the ombre style can be appealing

Blinds for windows white curtains with pattern ombre

The power of flowers

The strategy of making the curtains with flowers is as banal as unbeatable. The floral motifs can be painted or simply made of fabrics and then sewn to the curtains. In all cases, many curtains made of the simplest fabrics will look really appealing.

You can print, paint and embroider fabrics – express your own idea!

Screen protection for windows newspaper print

Seamless panel curtains

Simple and very upscale, one goes ahead, if one decides for this variant. By main colors and great patterns you can also achieve a lot of variety.

Two in One- Your plants at the window get enough light and you have a privacy screen from prying eyes

Privacy protection for window flowers

However, it is enough light provided

Plant privacy screens for windows

Inspired by the fashion of the inscriptions

Mottos have long been a never-ending fashion in interior design. They are so popular that designers get into competition. They search single-mindedly for new and new jobs, to which they can add a great slogan.

The privacy screen on the window is a perfect surface in this regard.

Optical illusion – the chevron pattern creates a real tension

Blinds for windows chevron carpet red curtain

Chevron pattern

Thus, we land again on the subject of simple yet very upscale. Great chevron patterns fit wonderfully on fabric curtains or panel curtains. Maybe they also write well into your simple interior design?

The chevron pattern should always remain the accent of the design

Screening for windows chevron patchwork

Collect beautiful superfluous pieces of cloth that you like very much and make a blind from your window. The idea is funny and welds different colors and patterns together. In many contexts, it would be just right!

Patchwork pattern fits well in the kitchen area or as a colorful room divider

Privacy screen for two patchwork windows


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