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Select dog kennel for your big or small dog

dog house kennels large indoor dog house

5 advice on how to choose a suitable kennel

The first question, which we choose when choosing a doghouse make is how big this should be. Among other things, this is because the models offered are quite diverse in terms of shape, color and volume. But if you have the right criteria in mind, you would still make the right choice without any problem.

Which are you? Here are some tips for you:

Gain a clear idea of ​​how big your dog will become in a few months

Dog Ideas Dog House Kennels Dog House Large

In order to choose the right kennel, which will grow together with your now small dog, you would have to be able to assess this especially. In pure dog species, this is relatively easy, because there are clear ideas. In other cases, you would have to seek advice from a specialist. Sometimes it is best to look at the size of the parents. With all these thoughts you should not forget that gender is also fundamental.

In the doghouse, the size of the entrance is also of fundamental importance

kennels wooden dog house dog house big


Some people underestimate this aspect and that brings only disadvantages. Because the wind, which enters through the opening in winter, can be uncomfortable and unhealthy for the dogs. The door must be so big that it can easily pass through there. He did not have to crawl, but stooping is normal in any case.

The right shape for the dog house

huts wooden dog house dog house isolated

The door must be in a central location. The depth must be greater than the width. The door at one end offers a bad view. In fact, if you insist that the dog is watching and protecting you, this is not a good idea. Good observation and quick reactions are of fundamental importance to the dog.

Let’s discuss the height of the house

doghouse kennel large doghouse doghouse ideas

Many people are unaware that modesty could be a very good idea in this case. Actually, exaggeration with altitude can prove to be a rather non-functional choice. The heat of the dog is concentrated in height. Be very suspicious of all unconventional forms. Also consider shopping very well in this regard.

Do not be frightened by the fear that the house might be too small

doghouse big doghouse kennels wood

You should not deal with the doghouse like your own house. For your “guardian” it is important in the first place that it is dry and warm in winter. The rest is secondary. You can actually compare the kennel with the shoes. If it’s too big, then you’d better get a pad to warm it up. In the warmer seasons you can take them out.

A few more words about the connection between the dog kennels, the dogs and the winter

dog house big dog hats wooden dog house

Most of the time, it’s not up to the kennel if the animal gets sick quickly in winter. The conditions have certainly been there already. That’s why at the beginning of winter you would need to go to a vet to see if the animal is in the best shape. If this is the case and you choose a good kennel, then you usually have nothing to worry about. Just one more thing: In winter, the water often freezes. See that the dog gets lukewarm water!

Line up the doghouse with a soft pillow

dog house wooden dog house dog kennel great

A small dog house for your home

small dogs doghouse kennel wood

A dog house made of wood

dog house kennels wooden kennels isolated

An interesting dog house model

doghouse kennels isolated kennels wood

A dog house for inside can serve well as a side table

doghouse indoor dog kennels doghouse large

A large dog house is perfect for several dogs

Dog house big dog house dog house isolated

An idea for a self-made doghouse

Dog house itself build dog house kennel large

Special place for food and water

animal lover dog house kennels ideas dog house wood

Turn the cabinet door into a dog house

indoor kennels dog house dog house build yourself


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