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Select planters for your own indoor and outdoor space

There is no nice home without the appropriate decoration. And as we all know, plants are the best deco idea ever! The interior and exterior certainly look much nicer when a few green eye-catchers appear there! That’s why you need suitable plant containers in which to plant the green beauties. The garden, the terrace and the balcony get a really nice stroke and own character through appropriately selected planters. That’s why it’s so important to pay attention to all the details, such as material, color, shape and size.

planters modern decoration with huge plant containers

Suitable materials for the outdoor plant container

For an outdoor planter it is important that it is not only durable, sturdy and frost resistant, but also retains its beautiful appearance for a long time. Weight also matters, if not a huge one. Because robust planters are difficult to move … From this we can conclude that the material is of crucial importance; By the way, not only for garden and balcony, but also for the interior.


And have you ever wondered that planters need to be produced in an environmentally friendly way?

planters beautiful garden ideas with huge plant containers

Do you want to remodel your garden in a modern way? Then think environmentally conscious! Consider replacing the old terracotta and fiberglass flowerpots with new eco-friendly plant containers that combine modern design with beautiful looks! If you also choose eco-friendly and quality planters, you will find something for yourself from the numerous planters from plant system , The composition of stone, fiberglass and magnesia blend in one product has made a practical planter design possible, which has the following advantages:

  • natural looking
  • low weight
  • pronounced resistance
  • Use of recycled materials
  • natural looking

planters in different shapes for a modern garden look

Different shapes and sizes

The successful design of the interior and exterior is closely related to the decoration. If you are looking for potted plants for your decoration, then take into account the design of the planters. The right planting needs suitable plant containers. Because they not only accommodate plants, but appear themselves as a decorative element. Depending on the particular room design, different shapes and sizes fit into the ambience. Harmoniously, they should definitely enroll in the room and correspond with the institution. If you want an appealing interior design, then carefully choose the shape and size of the planter. Simple design or rustic look: It’s a matter of taste! Surely you make for unusual eye-catching in the room!

planters for outdoor use white planter


Varied colors

Also in the planter the color plays a role. Colors bring us into different moods, they even affect our emotions, so we can not care less in what kind of shade the planter appears. So, you will not only visually influence the ambience, but also your own well-being. Whether in a natural color, in black or in a lively shade, modern planters create a beautiful appearance. Achieving a uniform design image or creating contrasts: You have numerous design options.

planters for the terrace privacy and decoration

The private garden or the terrace gives us the great opportunity to expand our living area. We benefit most from this in spring and summer, because when the weather is nice we like to spend our free time outside. The living space and the outdoor area, however, only really set in scene when you buy the right planter!


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