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Set Up a Small Nursery and Choose the Right Baby Cot

Small children's room set up children's beds children's room ideas

Setting up a small nursery – it can not be more practical

Do you have the difficult task of being a parent to make your child’s room child-friendly and practical? We should allow it, that’s not a child’s play.

The nursery can cause you headaches, and not just for financial reasons.

So many children’s furniture should you buy and all these should fit together and fit in the room. And what should one do if the nursery is tiny? One thinks one should give up some. If you agree, then you are wrong. We have a clever solution for you. And this will certainly please you and your children. How about a half-high bed with versatile functions? Does the idea already work as a headache tablet?

“All in One” children’s beds for small children’s rooms

Small children's room set up baby bed boy nursery ideas BOHS9511ORANGE

If you set up a small nursery, then consider the following possibility. A semi-loft bed with a desk or play area below it saves a lot of space and is tailored to the needs of children.

With Spider-Man in bed

Small children's room set up cot spidermann playground PICOHSZG1453

Toddlers live with cartoon characters. This promotes their imagination and makes them dream. The cot with the illustrated favorite hero is often the most correct choice. And if it keeps all the toys and keeps it tidy, be sure that’s the bed you need.

Semi-loft bed with desk

Small children's room set up children's beds children's room ideas BOHS8009 SILVER-3

But kids quickly grow up and forget the cartoon characters. They go to school and have new priorities. And with that, they also need a new bed. In this case, the loft bed with desk below proves to be the most optimal solution.

Bunk bed for siblings with side wardrobe


Of course, if you have two children, you also need two beds. Many parents pull a bunk bed with two separate Cots in front. Both examples show how the bunk bed can be combined with a wardrobe or bookshelf. This saves even more space in the small children’s room.

Floors Cot with drawer below and bookcase sideways

Small children's room set up cradles sibling PICOHKLA14

Half loft bed for girls

compact crib girl desk high bed

Little girls live in their own romantic world and accordingly, you need a stylish cot in the same style. Everything should be pink or purple, the wardrobe should not be missing, their own privacy must look great. So you become a young lady.

Half loft bed with desk for boys

Small children's room set up practical cots

Guys are usually more chaotic. They do sports and have other interests than girls, but they also need their own privacy.

Cot with an integrated desk with sliding function

Small children's room set up cot high bed PICOHSBUBIKSD15

“All in One” – Cots

Small children's room set up compact baby bed boy desk BATTLE_84_20140319143643

Stylish half-high beds for the youth room

Small children's room set up children's furniture learning furniture PICOOLBUHP15

Functional and space-saving furniture should be in the small children’s room

Small children's room set up nursery furniture children's beds PIHSZG15 COMPO.03

Space-saving children’s furniture will help you tremendously to set up a small nursery. This is a difficult task, but it could be solved very cleverly. Take the chance and get started!

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