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Set up kitchens – so you can set up kitchens with island really easily and effectively

kitchen set up white wooden elements

Set up kitchens – tips for a nice ambience

Open living rooms with kitchen island are no longer the exception, but the rule. They offer a lot of comfort, but only on one condition: they have to be set up in the right way. Here are some pretty successful examples of Set up kitchens ,

Enjoy them and take your challenges out of them.

Great colored accents in the interior

kitchen interior kitchen island colored stool

Wooden furniture and light green

kitchens furnish bright green furniture kitchen island


Elegant design with kitchen island

kitchen kitchen island wood floor tiles

So does the kitchen setup within a narrow range

Here we are dealing with a very tight kitchen. Nevertheless, one wanted to accommodate a cooking and serving area. You made it and you let the room appear in one direction longer. This was achieved by the three parallel lines in the room.

One is the wall, the second the stool and in the middle is the kitchen island

kitchens set kitchen island wood stphle shwarz white

Kitchen island as a separation in front of a niche

When setting up kitchens here, it has obviously decided to give the dining room more meaning. One has used the entire cooking area within a niche. It is crossed by a low dividing wall, which seems to grow out of the ground by the similarity of the materials.

Such a beautiful, seamless appearance, do not you think?

kitchens set up white chairs table ellipse

Likewise, consistency, not contrast, is the way the kitchen island is executed.

The vertical and horizontal surfaces repeat the materials of the swings, which you can see here in the remaining places

kitchens furnish chairs transparent design

Like an extension of the work surfaces, the island has also been planned for kitchen setup in this case as well.

Very successful, chic and masculine looks the final result, right?

kitchens set up orange accents

Let’s talk about an industrial solution for a change. This could be a restaurant kitchen. So you could also set up the kitchen inside a villa, where you host big events. Uniform looking and easy to maintain surfaces that serve as a background are the rule here. The accent falls on the food.

It must be the same in this case. Do you agree?

kitchens set up shiny surface

Brown and white – how beautiful this kitchen looks!

kitchen design white brown

Especially elegant interior solution

kitchen set up big workspace kitchen island

Subtle green accents

kitchen set up kitchen furniture kitchen island green elements

Stylish kitchen in white-red

kitchen set up white dark red

Beautifully lit fresh ambience

kitchen kitchen island stool big glass doors

Gray walls and gray floor

kitchen kitchen island white design wooden cabinets

wood furniture

kitchen furniture wooden furniture kitchen island

Great contrast

kitchens set up cream color dark wall design

Elegant kitchen

Kitchens set up minimalist design

So fresh!

kitchens set up natural colors beautiful lighting

Beautiful optical effect

kitchens set up stylishly modern kitchen island

Style and functionality

kitchen interior white black

Purple peppers the kitchen

kitchen island kitchen purple design

Kitchen with black furnishings

kitchen black interior white ground

Matching color combination, what do you mean?

kitchen black white yellow accents

Red accents

kitchen white red accents

White mirror surfaces

luxurious kitchen design in white

Create a fresh ambience

white kitchen design kitchen island


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