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Set up the small kitchen: tips for the perfect organization

The kitchen is one of the most difficultly organized and kept clean rooms. See some useful tips how to set up and organize the small kitchen.

Set up the small kitchen with open shelves

open shelves to the small kitchen set up

Set up a small kitchen: open shelves

One of the ways to enjoy decent and well-organized cuisine is to have everything in sight. The open shelving systems, which have become a trend for kitchens and living room designs, have their advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, you can really see everything well and quickly find what you need.

But then again open shelves too much dust and dusting is a bit more expensive.

Put spices and a wooden spoon next to the stove

set up small kitchen and organize kitchen

Set up by zones

The experts claim that every kitchen should be divided into specific zones. This should help to organize the kitchen much easier and keep the kitchen accessories tidy.

Everyday Zone: This includes the dishes we use every day (plates, glasses, cutlery and some pots). It is better if they are next to the sink or the dishwasher.

Cooking zone: Near the stove you should position the cooking spoon, spice set, chopping board, pan and a few plates. These are then always at hand when cooking.

Food Zone (Cabinet): Set up a cabinet where you can store foods such as rice, beans, spices, flour, sugar, etc.

beverage zone : This should be a cupboard for storage from wine and other alcohol drinks, coffee and tea.

And finally the zone under the sink. Here you can store all kinds of cleaning and washing agents.

Put the rarely used dishes up on the shelf

kitchen tips to the small kitchen set up


Sort by use

It is clear that we do not use all the dishes at once. There is one that we very rarely take out. These pieces can be placed on top shelves and placed on the bottom of the dishes that you need daily. Such are z. As plates and glasses, coffee cups, bowls and breakfast boxes. Vases, fruit bowls, sausage and cheese platters can be placed on the higher shelves.

Sort by function

Another method of organizing the kitchen is the kitchen accessories Sort by function. For example, to store cake and cookie shapes in a cupboard or drawer and accessories for meat and grill in another.

Creative ideas for the small kitchen

to set up kitchen practically set up small kitchen

Take advantage of every space

No matter how big a kitchen is, the space is never enough, especially if you are a passionate cook. Bring z. B. additional baskets on the cabinet side and thus gain more storage space. On cabinet doors from the inside you can attach hooks for hanging coffee cups or smaller pans. A magnetic strip on the kitchen back wall will help you to always have the knives at hand.

Use stickers

Use labels to label cans and boxes where you store noodles, flour, rice and the like. This makes everything much clearer and nothing can go wrong.

We hope you can use our tips to set up and organize your large or small kitchen. We wish you much success!

A tip for ordinary housewives

small kitchen set up to organize cupboards

Even the small kitchen can be furnished with a kitchen island

kitchen island to the small kitchen set up

A coffee-tea kitchen cabinet

Kitchen drawers organize small kitchen furnishings

furnishing tips for kitchen set up small kitchen

The open shelves are a trend for kitchen and living room

small kitchen set up kitchen regulation systems

Dishwashing and detergent come under the sink

set up small kitchen set up kitchen cabinets

In small-scale kitchens you should practically use every available space

small kitchen set up open shelves

An idea for passionate chefs

kitchen arrangement systems set up small kitchen

Save space, no matter how!

kitchen arrangement kitchen practical organizing small kitchen set up

You decide how to set up the open shelves

kitchen arrangement kitchen kitchen ideas set up small kitchen

kitchen organize small kitchen set up

A drawer only for confectionery fans

kitchen layout set up small kitchen

Set up the modern kitchen practically

tips and tricks kitchen set up small kitchen

Choose practical and functional cabinet systems

Shelving systems set up a small kitchen

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