Children's Room

Set up youth room – Prepare your teenager great pleasure!

youth room set up in peanuts

Cool ideas on how to set up the youth room

Your children are slowly growing up and coming into adolescence? Then it’s time to think about a new nursery design.

All parents love their children and always want the best for them. This also applies to the Jugendzimmereinrichtung.

A well-done youth room facility

Set up a folding bed for the youth room

Remember, your teenager spends a lot of time in his room, whether he is sleeping, learning or playing with friends.

Cozy, practical and cheerful should be the youth room

corner wardrobe for the children's room


The youth room should be cozy, practical and cheerful. Use the space cleverly to practically furnish the necessary pieces of furniture. But also leave enough space for your child to walk undisturbed.

Design the youth room in bright colors and with garish accents

enough shelves for the youth room set up

The colors in the room are also of great importance. Choose your child’s favorite colors to make you feel at home.

The specialists from the Spanish furniture company Asdara know all the important aspects of the Jugendzimmereinrichtung. That’s why we decided to introduce some of their wonderful projects.

Integrate your child’s favorite color in the room

colles girl room

The bed can be changed as desired

cool youth room design

Done with the school tasks? – push the desk under the bed

push the office under the bed

Flower pictures as a wall decoration

Set up decorations for the youth room

Storage space created by drawers under the bed

bed with drawers for storage space

Furnish the children’s room with bright furniture

bright furniture for the youth room

Different colored drawers

set up a guest room

Practical youth room for two children

youth room set up for two children

Wardrobe with sliding doors for the girls room

youth room set up in favorite colors

Great wardrobe design with shelves

youth room setup with desk

Wall design with dark accent wall

youth room with large bed

Do you put the office in front of the window?

youth room with room for everything

Jugendzimmerereinrichtung with cheerful, garish accents

children's room for two

White-pink furniture for a cozy girl’s room

girl's youth room

An orange carpet for the completion of Jugendzimmereinrichtung

set up an orange atmosphere in the jundrzimmer

Cool corner cabinet with garish shelves at the side

practical furniture for the youth room

Design your child’s room with space-saving furniture

space-saving furniture for the youth room

Great furniture – do not you think?

practical idea for the youth room

Decorate the room with colorful accessories

to set up practically a youth room

If your teenager plans to visit with overnight, pull Just get the bottom bed out!

drawers under the bed

Think of enough shelves for the youth room setup

great deco items for the room

Due to the brown wall paint the garish shelves come out great

beautifully furnished youth room

Small pencil pictures as a wall decoration

great youth room facility

Let your child decorate his room himself

great room furniture

The desk chair should be comfortable

wall shelves for the children's room

Bed with side magazine storage

two beds for the children's room


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