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Setting up a playground for children in the garden areas

Stelzenhaus ausgefallen Garten Rutsche

Do you want to give your children a big surprise? Then we have the perfect proposal for you! In this article, we will show you how you can design a playground for the little ones in the garden yourself. The warm summer days are just ideal for fun outdoor games, and setting up a children’s playground is not at all as difficult as it might seem at first glance. Below we give you some great ideas and tips that you can draw inspiration from. Have fun while reading!

Designing a playground in the garden: making children really happy

Stelzenhaus bauen wie geht es

Stelzenhaus Rutsche Kletterwand Kleinkinder

Kinderspielplatz Outdoor ausgefallen Schlange Leuctturm

Spielgeräte Garten Treibholz

Kinderspiele Outdoog Garten Sandkasten

Stelzenhaus mit Rutsche selbstgebaut Garten

Building an attractive playground for children doesn’t take a lot of effort or time! All you need is some space in the yard and a certain amount of craftsmanship. The play equipment and decorations can also be bought ready-made, but the handicrafts are great fun – try it out yourself to see for yourself! And when your children are a little older, they can also get involved and help you.

The homemade play equipment in the garden not only look unique and really attractive, but they also have another advantage – you can increase the children’s physical well-being. In our time, the little ones spend more and more time in front of the computer, cell phone or television screen, so getting enough exercise is of particular importance. Running, jumping, climbing, sliding, swinging – all these activities are typical for children. Keep this in mind when choosing the playground equipment. This is one of the last steps when setting up a children’s playground in the garden. Learn what to do in advance below!

Set up outdoor playground: choose the location

Kinderspielplatz Garten Sonnenschutz

Kinderspielplatz Outdoor Piraten

Stelzenhaus selber bauen Garten Kinder

Kinderspiele Outdoor

Spielplatz im Garten Stelzenhaus mit Rutsche und Sandkasten

Spielplatz im Garten Kinder Spielhaus Rutsche

The playground in the garden will be attractive not only for your children, but also for their friends. And if you have a shy kid, peer-to-peer games are a delightful way to socialize! The first step in designing an outdoor children’s playground is to find the right location in the garden. Ideally, it should be on the lawn and shielded from the street – with a fence or a wall. You should also have the opportunity to watch the little ones play – for example, when you are preparing food in the kitchen or relaxing on the terrace. A minimum distance of 4-5 meters from the neighboring house is also recommended.

Draw a sketch

Spielplatz im Garten Spielhaus Disney

Spielplatz Garten Pool Tisch Alice im Wunderland

Spielplatz Spielhaus Burg Dschungel Garten

Spielplatz im Garten tolles Spielhaus von Schneewittchen inspiriert

Spielplatz im Garten Spielhaus für Kinder bauen

Spielplatz im Garten Pool Burg Piraten

When you have found the perfect location, we recommend that you draw a sketch. It could help you visualize the children’s playground. This gives you the opportunity to better appreciate which playground equipment you can choose – depending on the space available. When choosing devices, the most important thing is that they are age-appropriate. If the playground is for toddlers up to 3-4 years of age, we recommend that you avoid equipment such as swings, slides and trampolines in order to avoid the risk of injury. A self-built playhouse with a sandpit and a spring seesaw would be much better for the little ones. Different games such as bowling, football or basketball can be a lot of fun for school-age children.

Buy playground equipment or build it yourself

Spielplatz f+r Kinder im Garten Schaukel

Spielplatz im Garten selber gestalten kreative Ideen

Spielplatz im Garten thematisch Piraten Jungen

Spielplatz im Garten gestalten verschiedene Outdoor Spiele

Spielplatz Garten ausgefallen Raumschiff

Spielplatz inspiriert von Schneewittchen Garten herrlicher Look

The next step, which takes the most time, is to buy the play equipment or to build it yourself. If you choose the second option, there are a number of interesting guides on the web that you can use. We offer you instructions for an attractive stilt house with a slide, and here you can find out how you can build a children’s swing yourself! And here you can find out everything you need to know about installing an in-ground trampoline that is best for older children.

Design the children’s playground and ensure the safety of the little ones

Spielplatz für Kleinkinder Spielgeräte DIY Schaumstoffringe

Spielplatz für Kinder Outdoor Sommerkino Piraten

Spielplatz im Garten tolles Spielhaus für Mädchen

Spielplatz im Garten Spielhaus selber bauen Anleitung

Spielplatz Spielhaus selbstgebaut Treibholz

Spielplatz im Garten Spielhaus für Kinder bauen Holz

If you have bought the necessary equipment or have tinkered it yourself, all you have to do is set up the children’s playground in the garden. Paint the playground equipment in bright colors to give them an even more attractive look. Make sure you have sun and wind protection so that the little ones can play undisturbed. And last but not least – make sure there is no risk of injury to the children.

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