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Setup tips to determine a garden feeling in your home

clean the plants before winter

Give your townhouse the character of a small house with a garden

Having a small house with a garden is the dream of many people today. Unfortunately, only a few can afford it because of endless circumstances.
For that, landscape and interior designers have done a lot towards equipping townhouses with green facilities.

Equipping the garden with greenery is now almost a must. If you do it right, you sometimes feel like being in a usual apartment, like in a small house with a garden.

Setup tips on how to integrate a garden into your small apartment

Einrichtstipps balcony

Prepare your balcony for the greenery

Start by preparing your patio with facilities for putting on green. You could also install some shelves wonderfully and pretty easily yourself.

Then decide which plant species you want to stage there.

Framing a little garden on the balcony

balcony furnishing tips

Questions to ask

Your apartment should have something of a small house with a garden, right? Then it should be like that. But should this garden only contain ornamental or edible plants? Do you want to have spices? Do you prefer to watch native or exotic plant species?

Native plants can overwinter on the balcony

balcony arrangement with plants

Also think about the practical side of things. When winter arrives, the native plants are those that can more easily hibernate outdoors despite the cold weather. If you were to bring some into the house, would you have enough space for it?

Cherry tomatoes and fresh spices all year round

cherry tomatoes on the kitchen window

Do you want to have some spices and edible like cherry tomatoes all year long? Do you have suitable surfaces and enough light at home?

The most succulent are the succulents

apartment furnishing tips

Succulents are the easiest to maintain. You do not need a lot of water, you could also move quickly into the house.

Put decorative citrus trees in the living room

citrus trees at home

Look around for a great, small, decorative tree. If it has beautiful flowers, it can also be a great interior decor in winter in the living room or for a party. Some trees and plants have no leaves and color in winter, but have a lovely structure that can also wonderfully spice up your little patio garden.

For color caring desert rose

desert rose for the balcony

Female or male should the patio garden look like?

There are plant species that are more female and others that are more severe and masculine. Among the succulents there are many of the second kind that still provide color at home. These are, for example, the desert roses and the Madagascar palms.

Well, what about your dream of a small house with a garden? Does he seem a bit more realistic now?

Blooming flowers create a garden feeling in the living room

flowering plants in the living room

Big trees for the living room with high ceiling

decorative trees at home

Place the plants in the brightest room

put the flowers in the living room

Integrate green color through plants into the living room

bring nature home to you

These plants overwinter at home

a breath of the garden

A touch of garden

furnishing tips for a garden feeling

Various palm species as a decoration

Palm trees in the apartment

Use the old cabinet as a flower rack

plant furnishing tips

Like in the garden – drinking coffee on the balcony

plants in the apartment

Great decor for flower lovers

feel like in the garden

The many flowers give us the feeling of being in the jungle

like in the jungle

The windowsill is the right place for the flowers

living room furnishing tips


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