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Shabby chic cuisine: the perfect mix of style and comfort

Do you dream of delicate tones, natural materials, and a romantic ambiance in your home? We have the perfect decision for you: Shabby Chic Furniture for your kitchen and the whole apartment. Minimalism is already over, shabby chic is trendy today and conjures up a nostalgic charm. Since the furniture is uncovered with signs of use, the style was called Shabby, because in translation Shabby means shabby and worn.

This is not about gloss and perfectionism, but about imperfect, retro, and used. Full of corners, edges, and scratches, shabby chic is also full of personality. Here you will find great and interesting ideas on how to wake up your kitchen with a variety of colors, accents, and accessories.

Shabby furniture: colors and accents

Shabby chic Küche mit romantischem Vintage-Flair

If you have chosen the shabby chic style, it is better to choose the lightest tones. For a base, we recommend beige, cream, or white, which go perfectly with pastel nuances such as mint, gray, and rosé. In order to create the desired effect, avoid strong and dark colors and instead use stripes, checks, floral motifs, dots, etc. These would create a sense of the past and give the shabby chic style a complemented look.

Shabby chic: materials and fabrics

Weibliche Küche Shabby mit schimmernden Accessoires

As already explained, natural materials are recommended for Shabby Chic, which is why concrete, chrome, and plastic are rarely used. Since the signs of aging are a characteristic of the Shabby Chic style, real and solid wood are used, as these are also easily processed.

Schabby Küche in weiß ist immer in Trend

In addition to wood, worn metal, porcelain, and blind glass are also used here. Don’t forget the fabrics such as silk, tulle, velvet, and old lace, as these add to the perfect look of the Shabby Chic decoration.

Küche Shabby Chic mit zarten rosa Akzenten

The best thing here is that you can very easily achieve the Shabby chic effect yourself. You can e.g. B. create the used look with chalk paint. Simply prime the desired piece of furniture, sand it down, and apply the chalk paint. In the end with sandpaper, you can create the desired wear effect. Here you will find great ideas to decorate your shabby chic kitchen.

Möbel Shabby chic mit Gebrauchsspuren

Elegante Shabby Küche und bunte Accessoires

Shabby Möbel aus Holz und mit Flecken

Schabby Möbel in unterschiedlichen Farben

Shabby Möbel mit nostalgischem Charme

Vielfältige Wohnideen für Elegante Shabby chic Küche

Shabby Küche mit einer romantischen, femininen Note

Küche shabby chic wieder im Trend, elegant und gemütlich

Shabby chic Innendesign mit Akzent von industriellen Stühlen

Schabby Chic Küche kann auch sehr gut mit modernen Details kombiniert werden

Küche Shabby chic sieht auch sehr gut in Grau aus

Shabby möbel in pastelligen und hellen Tönen

Küche shabby schmeckt nach Nostalgie und Komfort

Schabby Möbel in der Küche und im Wohnzimmer

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