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Shabby Chic decoration for a romantic touch in your home

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5 Rules for the Shabby Chic Deco

The Shabby Chic Deco is not new to the interior design. It was created in the 80s of the last century. Today, more than 30 years later, the shabby chic style is still current. We’ll make it easier for you by giving you 5 rules of Shabby Chic Deco on how to spice up your decor in a trendy way.

Basic principles of the Shabby Chic style

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Literally Shabby means – “lumpy”. But the real idea is to introduce coziness without having to spend a lot of money. The Shabby Chic interior creates a relaxing and informal atmosphere created by special furniture and decorative items. Often it is confused with the vintage style. The romantic-idyllic style is influenced by the Mediterranean, the Tuscany and the style of Provence.

Shabby Chic color palette

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To introduce the Shabby Chic Deco into your home, you should select the appropriate color palette. Typical of this style are the neutral and bright shades. The white color is a leader, but you can also use colors like ivory, milk white and those like sand and eggshell. You can also use light tones of gray, blue and pink. Typical are the flowery and checkered patterns.

Shabby Chic Deko – The materials

Shabby chic deco living room ideas deco ideas

It can be said that the Shabby Chic deco is very environmentally friendly. Mainly used for this natural materials. The wood has a leading position in the interior. Wrought iron is used to introduce a distinctive, romantic touch. For textiles, cotton and linen are very popular.

The decor

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The good thing about the Shabby Chic style is the economy. Especially old furniture or those that have an old look are used. The real idea of ​​the Shabby Chic style is to convey a message through the history of the furniture. The aging of the furniture is done by a cracked coating, napkin technique, candle wax and other similar methods. In the living room should focus on the soft and comfortable sofa. The kitchen uses vintage cabinets, ceramic sinks and old-looking dining tables. An advantage in the bathroom would be if you have a bathtub.

Shabby Chic decoration

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This style gives the details a lot of attention. On the walls you can see pictures, tapestries and wall mirrors hung in vintage frames. The shelves are decorated with angelic figures and photos (sometimes in black and white). The textiles are in faded colors or with beautiful embroidery. Runners cover part of the floor and the vases of fresh flowers are a must on the living room or kitchen table.

Now you have got some tips for your shabby chic decoration. Would you use them in your home?

Decorate your shabby chic furnished bedroom accordingly, too

decorating bedroom shabby chic decor decorating ideas

Use the typical bright shades of the Shabby Chic style

country house decor shabby chic deco shabby chic color

Let your furniture look worn

shabby style shabby chic decor decorating ideas

Shabby Chic Deco – Decorate your bedroom with Eifarbe furniture

bedroom decor shabby chic decor

The wrought iron is a great effect

shabby chic decor deco furniture shabby chic

The fresh flowers are a must on the table

shabby style home decor shabby shic decor

Refresh the old objects and use them as decoration

living room set up shabby chic decor ideas

How do you find this living room furniture in the Shabby Chic style?

shabby-chic-deco-shabby-style-decorating ideas


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