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Shopping for toddlers: systematic selection of suitable articles for everyday use

Avoiding dangers and creating a child-friendly atmosphere – this is what counts in the household with a toddler. These two priorities should be of particular importance to others Selection of various children’s items put. With a few concrete furnishing ideas and tips we would like to bring you closer to the right decisions. In our article we cover the following topics:

  • Safety for the toddler and his parents in everyday life;
  • Stroller and running aid for the first steps;
  • Toys and decoration which are suitable for the toddler and the parenting methods of his parents.

baby grid child safety lock

Ideas for more security

Many accidents happen in the home and very often in the execution of everyday activities. In children, this risk is even higher, because they can not assess dangers themselves. Modern interior design ideas, which are designed for more safety in apartments and houses with small children, are balcony protection, bed rails, cooker guard, door guards, stair gate, child safety lock, drawer safety and child protection.

The topic “Security” also includes protection against various insects. This is super up to date in the summer. There are many insect repellent products that are suitable for strollers and cots.

Infant child safety outlets

Before you proceed to the selection of security articles, you should inform yourself in detail about their functions and special features. Otherwise, you run the risk of making a wrong and unfitting choice for your household, which then carries additional risks.

Balcony protection is a good example of the complexity of this topic. There are several different options for balcony door security alone. Some mechanisms block the door opening and others avoid completely closing them.

To secure the balcony railing, you also need a suitable individual solution. Are these too low or is the gap between parapet or floor slab too large? Of course, these are two very different situations and you would need to install different types of protection each.

KInderwagen umklappbar pink girl

Stroller and walker for toddler

The toddler usually experiences the first encounters with the world out there from his pram. This should therefore be as convenient and convenient. On the market, there are now different models that are adapted to the special needs of girls, boys and twins. In addition, there are different mechanisms for closing or unfolding the stroller. This is especially important for the parents, who have to overcome obstacles in everyday life and have to transport the stroller over longer distances.

Walker wood storage area toddler

While the kids learn to walk, they need support. Opt for the best option for your toddler and your home. Possible variants are, for example, running car, running shoes, Babywalker and many other devices.

These are various brakes and other safety extras that you should consider.

Bällerbad children's toy toddler

The children’s toys and decoration

The nursery and stroller, as well as the learning aids would have to be equipped with enough toys and decoration. The choice here is simply huge and we advise to pay attention to the individual needs of the little ones and to their educational philosophy. At present, ball baths, unicorn toys, children’s cars, themed decoration for various celebrations are particularly modern. There are also toys that are also a learning aid. For example, many parents find the toothbrushes very suitable. The following table should help you in the selection of quality toys and decoration.

Matching toys and decoration ideas Inappropriate toys and decoration ideas
  • Articles made of materials that do not endanger children’s health;
  • Articles that promote the development of the child
  • Toys that have been bought just because they are modern;
  • Suitable articles for the age of the child
  • The toy can serve the toddler for more than a year
  • The toy will end up in the garbage after a few weeks because it will be uninteresting to the toddler


The systematic selection of suitable articles for toddlers is crucial for optimally promoting their physical and mental growth. Take enough time for it and get advice from other parents, but also education experts and doctors. Remember, the right choice is different for every toddler, and for you as a parent, it’s a great thing to practice your empathy.

Learn about other important infant safety tips from the following video.


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