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Short wedding dresses, the absolute hit for 2020!

Wedding 2019 with short bridal gown

The short wedding dresses will be a hot hit for the year 2019. So if you have a wedding coming up this year and you still have not found the perfect bridal gown, you can bet on the cropped models.

By and large, it is believed that the wedding dresses should carry something traditional. But they too are influenced by the fashion trends. Just like any other kind of clothing change the trends and styles also in the bridal gowns constantly. At the moment there is only a tendency on the catwalks and in the wedding boutiques. The trendy short white dress appears as an absolute favorite, it is gaining more and more popular among designers and also among stylish brides. No matter if it’s knee-length or just below the knees, the short bridal gowns are everywhere.

Short wedding dresses are the new trend for the year 2020

short wedding dresses for the wedding 2019

The short wedding dresses are a fresh departure from the traditional to the ground reaching models and at the same time they are practical and flexible. The airy wedding dresses are suitable for the registry office. These will also make you look good on the dance floor, and you’ll just feel adorable.

The short dress is appropriate for every wedding style ,

We are thrilled with the variety of models this year as well. From the vintage dresses of the 20s and 60s to the elegant and modern bridal gown models you will always find the right wedding dress for every taste.

  • Vintage wedding dresses – for a gorgeous 20’s style dress, choose one that is knee-length and enriched with feathers or fringes. For the ladies, who prefer a slightly longer model, the dresses with a length slightly below the knee or ankle are an alternative. Complemented by classic lace, these vintage wedding dresses look perfect.

Be a modern and stylish bride

designer wedding dresses in unusual cuts

  • Modern short bridal gowns – while the classic brides pick the long-behind-the-tail wedding dress, the contemporary bride decides on a short dress with a fancy design. Choose a contemporary, untraditional and chic model with stylish details!
  • The short white lace dress – the lace wedding dresses have a traditional look. This delicate fabric has been a favorite among brides for several generations. Nevertheless, the tip never goes out of fashion. If you agree with that, but are more inclined to the more modern style, why not opt ​​for a short lace dress for your big day?

A princess wedding dress for every season

short wedding dresses for prinzzessinen

  • Long and Short Sleeves Wedding Dresses – While the short sleeveless or sleeveless wedding dresses are more suited for a spring and summer wedding, the long-sleeved models can look perfect in any season. The long sleeves add feminine elegance to even the shortest bridal gown models. The sleeves are often made of the same material as the corsage. This is for the most part classic lace. The short sleeves, however, give the bridal gown a balanced and cute look. Seen from another side, they are slightly reminiscent of a classic T-shirt and provide a fresh and simple style. You should pay attention to the specifics of your figure and think carefully about how much skin you want to show. Otherwise, the wedding outfit may seem too casual.

Combine the wedding dress with matching accessories and be the highlight in front of the wedding altar!

20 more stunning wedding dresses for your unforgettable wedding

A trendy model with short lace sleeves by Justin Alexander

justin alexander wedding dress collection

A perfect wedding dress for the registry office wedding

simple wedding dress for the census office

The trendy short white dress emerges as the absolute favorite of the young brides

gorgeous and trendy short wedding dress

Simple and noble, what more can you say!

simple white dress for the wedding 2019

Naeem Kahn is known for his fancy models

naeem khan short bridal gown model

Top bridal dress from La Sposa 2019

la sposa short wedding dresses for 2019

Short Wedding Dresses – Lillian West Spring Collection 2019

lillian west spring collection wedding dresses for 2019

An absolute highlight for the retro wedding

naeem khan wedding dress with fringes

The short sleeves give a balanced and cute look

short retro wedding dress for the vintage wedding

Fancy wedding dress with fringes by Naeem Khan 2019

naeem Khan vintage wedding dress 2019

Oleg Cassini short wedding dress with long sleeves

Oleg cassini short wedding dress for stylish bride

A short retro bridal dress by Temperley

Temperley short wedding dresses for 2019

A lace dress from the San Patrick collection for 2019

San Patrick short wedding dress for 2019

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