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The simple decoration is a particularly hot topic for Christmas. Currently it stays the whole year through. Maybe you can use your solemn enthusiasm to learn something new yourself. You can then use this ability to beautify your home in other seasons as well.
In a simple guide, we teach you how to make great tassels yourself. The manual includes several colors and funny details like pompons and wooden beads. Using other great examples, we’ll show you ideas for decorating with them.

With tassels you can spice up a purse great

Handbag with pompoms

The materials needed to make tassels

  • Threads in different colors / silk yarns,
  • Cardboard in size A6,
  • Sharp sewing scissors,
  • A big needle,
  • Different colored wooden beads with a big hole in the middle,
  • Fork,
  • Scotch tape,
  • Carabiner / split ring.

Now start making the pompoms!

You need these materials for the idea from the manual

Pompons crafts materials

Make tassels – Step 1: Make a bundle for the main tassel

First select the thread you want to use for the largest tassel. Cut a small part of the box. Insert one end of the thread so that it does not slip. Wrap it around the carton 30-40 times.
Cut another piece from the same thread, which is around 50 cm long. Pull it between the already made bundle and the cardboard. The two ends should remain the same size. Do not cut them out!

Pictures for instructions for tinkering

Pom Pom's tinkering step by step

Step 2: Cutting and binding

Now slide the bundle off the box and cut the loops. Use the sewing scissors for this. Bring the ends together. You should only release the ends of the long thread you used to slip the bundle.

Now take a thread in a contrasting color and tie a knot on the upper side. In this picture one used the yellow thread to it. Wrap this several times as it is displayed there. Tie tightly together with a double knot and cut out the redundant part of the thread.

Tassels crafting instructions with fork

Little Pom Pons make idea

Make pompoms

Now we come to craft the pompoms. Now take the fork and thread around the 25 cm of the thread around its wider part. You could stick the ends of the thread to the fork handle so they do not bother.
Then wrap part of the thread as shown in the pictures. Often you want to make the bundle as thick as possible. However, you should not overdo it! If you wrap the thread around 15 times, that is optimal.
Lower the ends of the thread from the fork handle. Use these to tie the bundle together. Hold these at the fork. Tie the bundle as tight as you can with a double knot. Then remove it from the fork and tie again so that the whole thing becomes very firm.

Bring the scissors in the middle of the bundle. Then roll these around your hand. Cut the loops so that the ends stay the same length. You can make one or more pompons using the same principle.

Finished tassels

Complete the decoration with Pom Poms

Complete the tassels decoration

For this part you need the split ring or the snap hook. Take the long ends on the upper sides of your tassels and put them on the needle. Now you can insert the needle through the pompoms and the wooden beads. How you do that exactly, we leave to your imagination.

Once you reach the desired result, insert the needle back in through the ring and then back through the pompoms, tassels and wooden beads. Always aim for the middle.

Remove the needle but hold the two ends off the thread. Tie these with other ones that are still free. Always use double knots to keep things as safe as possible. Now cut off all ends at the same length. Sit back and enjoy your work!

If you’ve done that long enough, you can look at our other decorative ideas with tassels and maybe put some of them to work.

Tassels on the wall on a ribbon

thin stripes tassels garland

A rustic decoration made of tassels can look so fabulous

make noble rustic tassels sekber

This garland of tassels would be sufficient in many cases as a festive decoration

tinker birthday decorations from tassels

Do you like this DIY decoration as an idea for a children’s birthday?

birthday decorations with tassels

garland of tassels in different colors

glamorous ceremonial appearance tassels

kamindeko tassels make your own idea

This tassel decoration is ideal to spice up this industrial space

make mobile tassles yourself

nice wall design with tassels in pink and blue

Tassels as a baby shower decor

tassels in mettalic wall design

Wall design with different colorful threads

Tassels in rustic colors. Idea

With tassel decoration you can also create a Zen mood

tassle zen decoration idea

Grind garland tassels rainbow

different colors tassels chain

Make wall design with tassels yourself

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