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Simple craft ideas with paper clips. With a great guide

The little things in the decoration make a big difference in our household. Simple craft ideas with paper clips can illustrate this great. You can spice up the old cosmetic bag or make the storage of documents more creative and interesting. Below we have a tutorial for simple craft ideas with paper clips. The style is youthful and may be more suitable for teenagers. With a little change, however, they can serve everyone else.

Materials for the simple craft ideas with paper clips

In the picture below you can see examples of handicrafts materials with paperclips. Of course you can come up with many more variations yourself. The cuddly fabric balls or the hearts can be found in other colors and textures. This also applies to the tapes.

The fabrics shown here are very popular but with a clearly visible feminine touch.

Here are some necessary materials for these simple craft ideas

the materials needed are simple craft ideas

Idea # 1: Spice up a paperclip with a ribbon

The first idea includes a paper clip and a strip of cloth. All you have to do is make a loop out of it. That’s how it looks the decoration for a very appealing. In addition, the loop will sometimes bring a practical use. You could easily hang something light on it.

So the loop must look like the description in the manual

simple craft paperclip with a bow

Craft Ideas Number 2: Paper clip with a fabric heart

For the simple crafting ideas of the second kind, you need some glue next to the fabric heart. The figure should have two layers so that the fabric is attached from both sides of the clip. In this way, the end result looks appealing from both sides. That’s exactly what we achieved in our example!

The Bastelklammer would best be in the middle of the heart

simple craft ideas heart idea

Practical use of these simple craft ideas

These simple craft ideas can be used in different ways. The benefit of this is not only decorative, but can be very practical. You can use these beautiful brackets to hold paper documents together. At the same time, you can record them so that you can tell them well from each other. However, if you choose the right color and shape, you could stow accessories with such simple craft ideas, Envelope handbags close or even replace the button of a shell. So you can give many items their own, individual touch!

You can easily make all these ideas yourself!

simple craft ideas ready idea

Another great bet for these simple DIY ideas

a simple crafting great use

Here is a noble and glittering idea for crafting with paper clips
simple craft hearts from fabric

Lightweight craft ideas with paperclips certainly find a good use in school!

simple craft ideas interesting paper mill

Here is something propitious for the little ones!

simple craft ideas small figures

Small antiques are also suitable for beautifying the paper clips

simple craft ideas small guitars

Panda or another favorite animal would be just as ideal for the simple craft ideas!

simple craft ideas black white panda

Small knitted figures complacent? Here is a great idea for it!

simple crafting knit figures

Also the flower theme is ideal

simple crafting theme roses

Other DIY ideas can be combined with these with the brackets

simple craft ideas great fabric figures

You can easily spice up the paper clips with tape

paper clip adhesive tape simple craft ideas

Why were you not basing small clips on the paper clips?

simple craft ideas different colors

Cling your attachments!

colored ribbons simple craft ideas

Loops of various kinds are suitable for the light crafting ideas

interesting simple craft ideas different colors

You can also make elegant accessories

Fabric in different colors simple craft ideas

And even more elegant and easy craft ideas!

great grinding simple craft ideas

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