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Small apartment set up – it can be dreamed big

At the mobile home write off, if you want to set up your small apartment well

Living in a motorhome can be so cool! The following examples will show you that. However, if you do not consider this idea to be optimal, you should look at the following examples anyway.

Because these can be great sources of inspiration for the establishment of small apartments.

Choose a neutral color that reflects the light

In most cases, the bright colors work best in small spaces. In caravans you should choose such and also combine their surface treatment with mirror effect. You will feel much freer on a limited area.

Important thinking in three dimensions when it comes to setting up a small apartment

small apartment set up wohmoblie 6

Do not neglect the idea of ​​setting bold accents

To the small premises fit well courageous solutions. You can perform certain zones with an extravagant color.

That could be the bathroom or the area at the window.

Everything finds its place, as in the motorhome

small apartment set up wohmoblie 3

Use open shelves

Well-distributed open shelves are another very good idea for setting up small apartments that you could steal from your motorhome. They give you the necessary storage space, but their openness does not leave the room too narrow.

Bald walls are also a cheap storage area

You do not need many shelves and cabinets to stow your belongings. These take up a lot of space. Instead, you can hack certain zones and hang different utility items there.

Folding furniture is the best consideration for your small apartment

small apartment set up wohmoblie 5

Buy multifunctional furniture

The fold-out and multifunctional furniture is another variant, with which you can furnish the small apartment favorably. They should also have a decorative value beyond.

Open spaces offer many possibilities

small apartment set up wohmoblie 2

Like back in the holidays

small apartment set up wohmoblie 4

Imaginative functionality

small apartment wohmoblie bauhaus

Space saving and extendable

small apartment set up wohmoblie washer dryer

Compact and transportable

small apartment set up wohmoblie washing dryer homeoffice

Use the vertical space

small apartment set up wohmoblie washer dryer homeoffice bedroom


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