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Small apartment set up – tips for a cozy living atmosphere

small apartment furnished one-room room set up ideas

What you have to do and what you can not allow when setting up small apartments

As it is understood from the title of the article, our topic today is the small apartment. We now want to present to you some general rules for the furnishing of the small apartment. But before we start we want to emphasize one thing.

In an apartment, you always know the final decisions yourself what is right or wrong. Even with the strictest rules, there are exceptions. Ultimately, it is important that you feel good here and that your individuality comes into its own.

Set up a small apartment

furnished one-room apartment small apartment

So we come to the first rule. Take a careful look at the initial situation. Take a look at all available furniture and accessories. Then, given other design ideas, you can better understand what’s good and what’s bad.

Not all furniture has to be close to the wall

Living room set up ideas Small apartment set up

Many people feel almost forced to place all the furniture close to the wall when setting up a small apartment. Because that’s how you think, to make everything seem more spacious. But that’s not exactly how it is. If you move the furniture to the center of the room, then the conversation with the people you invite will be better. So your guests will also get a pleasant impression of your apartment. Alternatively, you could use furniture that is slightly too different for home furnishing. There is also a trick. You could place a floor lamp between a piece of furniture, preferably a sofa and the wall. That’s how you create an illusion of perspective. Some of you might recognize that this is a method of painting and photography, right? This also works mostly in real space, where you want to create the feeling of perspectives.

Homogeneous colors on the wall

small rooms set up small apartment set up

Patterned wallpaper and wall design in general are generally not a good idea when setting up small apartments. They make for a fragmented impression. Homogeneous colors make everything look more uniform. Great accents with bright colors through accessories throughout the room will then spice up the atmosphere in a great way.

Do not renounce the style

Small apartment set up room set up ideas

You should always look for a way to personalize the design. Even in the smallest bathroom and room that works if you really make an effort.

The bed can be pushed in front of the window

furnish one-room apartment furnish room ideas Small apartment

Sometimes this is the only option in a room if you do not want to place the bedside tables and other occasional furniture pieces too conspicuously. In addition, it also provides very strong fulcrums, which give the device a character.

Make the windows simple

furnished one-room apartment small apartment

If you set up small apartments, you should keep the windows as simple as possible everywhere. In this way, you will be able to emphasize the special characteristics of the interior design. The room in general will also be more open.

High above the ceiling and almost down to the floor curtains would make the room visually elongated.

Under no circumstances exclude your favorite color

set up an apartment build a small room furnish a small apartment

Just because you’ve heard that dark colors visually diminish space, you must not give up the nuances that you love. Depending on how they are used, all shades in a small room can work well. Much depends on the nuances and the combinations.

Strive for the clean appearance

small apartment set up small rooms

Anything that could fragment the small space would usually make it seem narrower and more uncomfortable. Therefore, think twice if you decide to set up your small apartment for open shelves. Dear, everything should be hidden behind smooth surfaces.

Use the vertical space

small rooms set up small apartment set up

Actually, this should also be considered the number one rule when setting up small apartments. Because here you have to do this, so you have enough living, running and storage space.

Create a color reference and use every little niche

rooms furnish ideas one-room apartment small apartment

Visually connect the different areas with corresponding nuances. This will also avoid that the apartment looks fragmentary. Also use all niches to integrate a cabinet or other functional piece of furniture there and save on tread. From the low ceilings next to the windows in the attic are wonderful benches and from the small niches – great cupboards.

entrance area

furnishing ideas hallway small apartment set up

Purely on a psychological level, you will feel less constrained and feel better accommodated if you have an entrance area that is clearly defined.

Great patterns and good lighting

small apartment set up small rooms

We previously recommended homogeneous colors. If you still want to have patterns in your interior, they should be rather large. Also you would have to put on a very good lighting. Brighten every dark corner. This can happen through lamps, but also through shiny fabrics and objects.

Repeats and patterns in the furniture

apartment set up ideas small apartment set up

If you are setting up small apartments, then you should be aware that the repetition of the same form in several different dimensions and numbers will contribute to the harmonization of the ambience. Furthermore, the patterns that are used as accents play a great role in brightening the mood.

Installation and arm-free furniture

furnish room ideas small rooms furnish Small apartment furnish

You save visually and practically in the room by such kind of solutions. Built-in drawer with the color of the wall can accommodate a lot without losing surface. Chairs without armrests ensure a lightness of vision.

A kitchen island can be a good idea!

one-room apartment set up apartment set up ideas

When setting up the kitchen of your small apartment, you do not have to do without the island. This can also be in the middle of the room. It should only be proportioned to give you enough room to walk. In addition, it would make sense to choose a mirror surface to provide visual enhancement.

Small apartment set up – mirror

furnish room idea ideas apartment furnish ideas set up small apartment

If we are already in the mirror effects … For practical reasons and in the sense of visual magnification you should use as many as it is only when setting up small apartments. An important clue here is to get to know the Feng Shui rules more closely so that you can achieve more harmony in the house.

Room delimitation by differently colored furniture

flat set up ideas small rooms furnish Small flat furnish

Even dark colors can be integrated into the small apartment

set up small rooms set up room ideas Set up small apartment

A pastel-colored kitchen equipment

furnishing ideas kitchen small apartment set up

Equip the small apartment with bar counter

small apartment set up one-room apartment

Find functional furniture for the small apartment

set up room ideas set up small apartments


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