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Small bedroom style like a designer

How can you design a small bedroom with sloping ceilings?

Designing the bedroom is a touchy but very enjoyable topic because it’s where your private area is located, where only you and a select few can get access. Who does not dream of a huge bedroom with canopy bed, walk-in closet and all the trimmings? Or would a dressing room be even better? Then dressing room … because your room is your room!

Let’s get back to reality and take a quick look around: Small apartment, high rent and the whole in an old building. You have rented a beautiful, new apartment under the roof and you are ready to conjure up or design a completely new interior in the bedroom. For a week, you have been pondering what cabinets can fit on these slanted walls, let alone finding cabinets for the sloping ceilings. And this tiny little chamber is supposed to be your bedroom? But yes!

Designing a small bedroom can be really outrageous

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No fear! Once again we have gotten down to work here in the editorial office and today simply want to look into the topic of how to design a small bedroom. We love challenges and always be able to help with creative solutions. We also have the good intension to convey possibilities and ideas today and hope that our readers will continue to be satisfied with our participation.


Let’s say you really stand in front of the empty room, which has just been painted fresh white. The only thing you can see in the room are the windows, the sloping ceilings and also the good parquet, with which the floor is laid. The design of the sloping room is a bit difficult, if you can not see beyond the box. However, if you are looking for challenges, you are dealing with one of the biggest in the field of interior design.

klienes bedroom fashion7

One thing you should realize – in this room you will hardly get the gigantic solid wood wardrobe from grandma inside. This bedroom calls for furniture created exactly for its masses. And what do we want or should we start with?

A guiding idea in the design of small rooms is the optimal use of the space. Here it is important to perceive the vertical spaces and also the small niches behind the doors more seriously.

With proper planning, sloping roofs can be particularly charming

klienes bedroom framing

Think of built-in wardrobes with sliding doors, beds with storage space, and custom shelves for your books or DVDs! Mirror surfaces and luminous objects could optically enlarge the space if they are properly aligned.

Surely you have some space behind the door where the perfect bookshelf can emerge. Even if they are only 25 or 30 cm in length, you can compensate for the use of the shelf in the depth and height of the room. Whenever you close your bedroom door and look around, you’ll notice a cleverly designed corner behind the door that’s just cool.

Next, consider how you want your wardrobe exactly. For that you need the lowest point in the room. It is also an advantage if there is no window nearby and there are no slopes. I like to recommend a wardrobe with sliding doors, the front sides are mirrored. This creates, as I said, the illusion of a larger room and offers cabinet and mirror in one. You can also use the space above the cupboard up to the ceiling for storage. Travel cases, moving boxes or even more compartments for hats, accessories or Christmas decorations can be stacked there and stored meaningfully.

little bedroom3


The bed in the bedroom can and should occupy the most important place, depending on what the room allows. If possible in the middle place with the nice option of being able to look out of the window from the bed. With successful positioning, you could watch the sunrise in the morning without having to get up. That would be nice! But let’s stay with the room!

Just like the closet, you can not afford a very large bed with embellishments or bulky items. The best are beds that have extra storage space. Unobtrusive drawers under the bed are veritable miracle weapons to solve the problem of lack of space. Strangely enough, you have not seen any of them in the home improvement stores for a long time, but on the internet you can even discover much more than just beds and even find a suitable solution for your sloping roof (s) together with the interior designers.

Mirror surfaces visually enlarge the room

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Everything else you need or need to think about for your bedroom can possibly be ordered here. Good news for bargain hunters: with regularly reduced goods, you can buy really good items for a low price. Among other things, you will find lamps, bedside cabinets, slatted frames, mattresses, slatted frames and even luxury box spring beds on the website.

You could say that with bed and wardrobe the small bedroom is already quite filled, but wait, because we are not finished yet.

The idea of ​​space-saving setup was not wrong and now you should think of gaining light. On the wardrobe with the front mirror is best to fall daylight. Look for objects that reflect the light, making the room brighter. Several small light sources distributed in the room illuminate various small areas, making it possible to perceive the room as a bit more spacious. It would be good if you could always connect the lights in different places. Flexible LED lights are a good choice here.

By color contrasts, a room design can succeed well

small bedroom frame 5

Indirect lighting creates much more pleasant atmosphere in the bedroom

The warm and soft light of a dull bedside lamp fills your bedroom with a welcoming atmosphere. Instead of a pendant light you can get a room washer. Although it costs a bit more, but the light intensity is adjustable and thus you gain a large selection of lighting moods.

Space-saving solutions from the professionals in the field

klienes bedroom gestalten2

Small bedroom does not mean that you have to do without luxury

klienes bedroom fashion6

Storage space under the bed saves space and gains more space

little bedroom3

Allow yourself to dream and let the dream come true!

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