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Small living room set up – 20 ideas for more spaciousness

small living room set up colored funny seated coffee table

Set up a small living room – Find a suitable solution for your small living space

In any designer page you will find tips for designing large areas. But how should one deal with the small rooms Action?

Today in my article I devote exactly this question.

Are you curious?

The first idea is for a girlish living room. The bright colors that are used to brighten up the room and create a much wider impression.

Setting up small rooms – That’s not as difficult as you might think

small living room decorating women's style pink bright throw pillow

Now let’s look at something that is more appropriate for the men. Here are the strict and clean lines, the muted colors. Furthermore, the flat screen and the wooden beams are very strong advantage.

20 living room facilities for small apartments

small living room set up minimalist beige plain natural light

Here’s another idea that makes the room look wider. In this specific case is a long foot hanging from the ceiling.

Clever ideas for small spaces

small living room set up simply bright colors neutral

If you love nature, this space will be exactly what you want. The wooden walls and carpet imitate a river rock. The plant in the middle will make you feel that you are in the middle of the forest.

Get inspiration from nature

small living room set up beige plain natural light furniture

Some paintings in bold colors on the wall will completely transform the look of the room. Here you can see a classic room with modern influences, such as the futuristic lamp and the chair for relaxation.

Use fresh color accents

small living room set up beige sofa wall decor colored murals

Large windows and minimalist furniture can decorate the room as well. This is especially true if you have too much room and you always have to use artificial light.

Create an optical illusion

small living room set up large windows spacious

If you insist on the good level, then you do not have to do without it in the small rooms. The large chandelier with many divisions, together with the dark curtains, will create a ballroom from your room.

Do not compromise with your taste

small living room set up neutral colors chandelier

The living room here is very modern. It fits in particularly well with apartments, where the kitchen and the living room share the same space. You need an armchair, a sofa and a small rectangular table. That’s all you need.

Stay modern – the open plan is perhaps the solution for you

small living room set up minimalist white kitchen open plan

If you want to create a rural look, then you can decorate the room with a wooden table or chair. The modern floor sets an accent on the rural look and fits perfectly with the TV stand.

Wood accents give the room a rustic feel

small living room set up simple wooden floor compact

The room can also be made larger by shelves on the wall. These can be filled with books and art objects.

Built-in furniture and wall shelves save a lot of space

small living room set up large window spacious sofa wall shelves

If you are a lucky mushroom with large windows, you should decorate the room with neutral nuances. So nothing will be a competition to the main focus.

A living room with sea views always feels cozy

small living room neutral colors windows sea view

Minimalist furniture and art are another way of creating a cozy yet comfortable atmosphere in the living room.

Opt for minimalist furniture and modern art if you want to be modern and at the same time want to create a cozy atmosphere.

Design your living room according to the principle: the less, the more

small living room set up contrast black white

A small room can also be given an antique look. You can use an old hand-made rug. These can be wonderfully combined with a carved table some mirrors with golden frames.

Do you have preferences for the antique era?

small living room set up simple corner sofa runner wall decoration

If you like Asian influences and want to have a home that creates a Zen feel, then you should use some plants with Asian leaves and signs. But make sure they have something red about them, because that’s very important to them.

Low-lying Asian-style furniture

small living room furnished simply low-lying furniture

Do you want to play with some faded colors? So you can create a relaxed living room. There you can watch a romantic book and an exciting movie.

Cozy and inviting color palette

small living room set up workspace desk osmanne

Furthermore, you could paint in a small room one wall and part of the ceiling. These must have complementary colors. Otherwise, this will be a fiasco.

Harmonious colors and interesting accents

small living room set up big window high ceiling

Using bright colors in your living room will make you feel more alive than ever.

Avoid a boring atmosphere with vibrant colors

small living room set up colorful wall wallpaper modern

You often hear that “simple” is equally elegant. Actually, you have to add the terms “clean” and “big”. If you have fewer objects in the living room, you will have more space for yourself.

Do not overfill the room with unnecessary furniture

small living room set up minimalist white glossy

At the end, I have a rather bizarre idea for you! It is an atypical room, if I may call it that. It is especially suitable for people who want to break some of the rules.

Be something different. The living room should bear your handwriting

small living room set up artistic tree stile lamp

Could the ideas of today help you? It’s great to decorate a small room, right? We wish you a lot of fun.


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