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So you can decorate a tray and make the “little” moments unique

Enjoying the little pleasures of life is an art that few people master. This is one of the greatest talents, especially in our modern times. To make something special out of the existing issues, it is very easy to learn with the help of decoration. You can train in it, for example by decorating a tray! You will be surprised how much this is changed in your everyday life. Get inspired by the following pictures and tips!

Such tray decoration can be used for Christmas

Picture frame serving tray idea

Decorate a tray and spread festive mood

In the first picture above, we immediately address the current Christmas theme. The symbolism of the festival is present in the number of candles and the colors of the natural gifts. So you can easily complement your rustic, traditional or even minimalist festive design with such a beautifully decorated tray!

A beautifully decorated tray can become the centerpiece in the room

Noble serving tray made of metal on a stool

Bring objects with a special character in scene

In the next picture we see great antique and noble-looking objects. They give the room a sophisticated character. By positioning on the equally classy-looking metal serving tray, they are particularly effective. Such kind of decoration is very convenient, because it can easily be moved to different places in the room.

On a beautiful tray, you can flaunt your favorite collection

great serving tray in silver and gold

Something simple makes a big difference

This beautiful wooden tray has a decorative effect. Serve the breakfast on it, immediately stimulate your appetite. A subtle decorative idea like this little flower vase adds even more charm to the whole thing. Designed so the serving tray can always lie around in the room. It will simply beautify its look while being tangibly close to its use!

Even the very simple tray decoration can be effective

Simple wooden tray decorated with a small flower vase

Get inspired for great moments

Simple serving trays like this one can be very inspiring. Although the noble materials are not immediately noticeable, they bring the objects positioned on them to their best advantage. The mirror and gloss effects make the simple breakfast or the afternoon tea an experience.

The nice breakfast can also look decorative

Breakfast as decoration for a tray

Make serving tray simple

Absolutely you should pay special attention to the DIY projects. You can easily decorate a simple tray and make something special out of it. This example shows that wonderful! In this case you have to grind and paint the tray. After drying, you can paint such or similar patterns with matching color on them. You can find them on the internet and they can trace them!

By decorating you can refresh an old tray

Wooden tray decorated with white color

Decorate tray with gifts of nature!

Finally, we would like to draw your attention to a well-known but rightfully repeated strategy. The themes “nature” and “sea” are present in the whole space, which is shown in the picture below. However, this simple tray design has made it all the more present. The shells and other souvenirs from the sea holiday contrast with the rough aesthetics of the wood. As a result, you have a very effective decoration, which also provides the tattoo theme for harmony in the room.

The gifts of nature are always suitable for the decoration of serving trays

Wooden tray decoration with nature's gifts from the sea

The great designed trays can be used in a variety of ways. Make great transformations with small changes, adjustments and decorative ideas! They serve as a great table decoration, can spice up some dark corners at home. It also makes a little gesture special. A festive tray would be the best way to turn a gift or meal into something extraordinary. Start by decorating the tablet, but do not limit yourself to it.

DIY trays with matching decoration are really appealing

Wooden serving tray with flowers

Show your style and good taste with the tray design!

Golden tray decoration

Simple items become something special with a noble tray!

Golden serving tray table decoration

Large tray instead of side table idea

Green colored tray decoration

Wooden tray deco with a flower

Even a small item can become an expensive tray decoration!

Wooden tray decorated with thyme

Luxury tray of metal idea

Several luxurious trays

Metal bowl as a table decoration

Decorate metal tray nobly

Dark trays are wonderful base for romantic decoration

Black tray decoration for the living room

Wooden serving tray for the bed

Tray of basket in front of black and white background

Metal serving tray with subtle decoration

Serving tray decoration with candles

The trays can serve as a decoration, but also as a storage space!

Serving Tray Decorative storage space

Serving tray in Paris vintage style

Serving tray with an upscale look

Silver tray decoration

Super elegant simple serving tray made of wood

The tray decoration in vintage style is very popular

Tray decoration for the living room

Tray deco in a romantic vintage style

Tray decor basket

Tray deco with books and flowers

Tray deco with succulents

For an appealing effect you also use noble materials

Tray deco black mirror surface

Decorate tray with objects

Decorate tray for serving coffee

Tray in white and silver - table decoration

Tablets decoration for Christmas

The glass is great for decorating trays

Table decoration metal idea

Table decoration with a silver tray

Great decorated serving tray idea

Great wooden tray on the sofa decoration

Decorate oversized serving tray

Vintage decorative tray blue

The ornamented surface can make the serving tray a stylish element

Vintage pattern decoration for a tablett

Vintage serving tray with tea

White painted tray with flowers

Two trays mirror effect

wooden tray idea setting up

Brighten up a gloomy corner by great tray decoration!

in the corner make a table idea

mosaic pattern tray idea

tray decorate mosaics

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