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So you can design your conservatory – 5 creative interior design ideas

Wintergarten gestalten 5 einrichtstipps drink tea

5 creative design ideas for your conservatory

You are one of the lucky ones who own a home with conservatory or could rent an object with this comfortable extra? Then do not give away this place, because it can be used equally well as a relaxation zone or as a functional area.

Design conservatory

winter garden design 5 furnishing tips

Idea 1: Conservatory as a cozy reading room

For bookworms there is nothing better than a reading room with its own small library – but in many houses, the rooms are already planned. Anyone who has been thinking about a winter garden for some time, but had no idea for the facility, could use this extra space for a cozy reading room. With shelves full of books that are also open to the rear, they not only provide a certain privacy, but also look beautiful from the garden. Only a few plants, a floor lamp with reading light and a cuddly seating round off the reading room. A special highlight is a hammock, which not only invites to read, but is also suitable for daydreams with a view of the garden. If you do not have the possibility to fix it, then you can use a hammock with floor frame. Such a hammock is e.g. on – It is not only extra large and can carry up to 150 kg, but it can also be placed in the garden during the summer, which makes it usable in different ways.

Idea 2: Tea ceremony in the conservatory

A nice idea for the winter garden is the establishment of a tea room. A tea room reflects warmth, security and cosiness – you have to pick up these qualities in your conservatory. How about, for example, a rustic sofa with floral print or the classic wingback chairs? A small table – of course, with a lace top – on which the tea can be served and some potted plants, round off the tea room. Which plants thrive best in winter gardens, you will learn in this article from ,

winter garden design furnishing tips tea with lemon drink

Idea 3: Conservatory for the Home Office

Often there is no room in the house itself to set up a separate study as a teacher, book author or architect. If your conservatory has heating and is well insulated, it can be used well as a study. Of course you should not place bulky and dark furniture there. They would completely destroy the ease that a conservatory usually conveys. The equipment for the “study with glass walls and glass roof” are shelves and desks with support systems made of stainless steel and shelves and worktops made of safety glass. However, to always have optimal working conditions, you should also think about efficient shading. The usable range extends from decorative and at the same time functional awnings to sensor-controlled indoor and outdoor awnings especially for conservatories.

Idea 4: Gym with a view of the garden

Having a gym in-house is the wish of many people. Cellar rooms are often used for this, but they are far from having such a pleasant environment as a winter garden. With the uninterrupted view of a colorful or snow-covered garden, the sport is a lot of fun. When choosing sports equipment, however, you should pay attention to family suitability, because with your sporting activities you will become the role model for your children. Equipment such as treadmills, elliptical machines, ergometers and rowing machines can be easily adapted to the body size. Another idea for equipping a gym in the conservatory would be, for example, a table tennis table with folding mechanism.

Idea 5: Winter garden de Luxe – the wellness oasis

Do you envy all the stars and starlets around the huge bathrooms, which even have a hot tub? You can even enjoy the view of the countryside while relaxing in a hot tub while you set up one of the portable models in your conservatory. Compared to the operation in the garden or on the terrace, the whirlpool in the winter garden has the advantage that you can use it without any problems all year round. You can also set up a sunbed with a suitable electrical connection in the conservatory. Loungers with massage function would also be a good investment if you want to turn your glass extension into a wellness oasis. However, you should not forget the privacy protection with this type of equipment. To complement the windows in this case, nicely printed Schnapprollos or colored indoor blinds offer.

Conclusion: When designing the conservatory your imagination is almost unlimited. You can use it as an extension of your living space or let it through a special equipment to the functional space, which has been missing in your house so far. Of course, you can also set up the conservatory as a party zone or completely make the play paradise for your children.


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