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Solar flares: Shapely and Practical Lighting for the Garden

In the warm summer months, the garden is used intensively for many different purposes. This outdoor area is a welcome addition to the rooms in the house or apartment. With the right plants and robust garden furniture, every garden area can be individually designed. It is transformed into a natural oasis in the middle of an urban environment, in which the residents can relax as they please.

Eine unendliche Vielfalt von Farben und Größen

There is a barbecue in the garden for those who like it sociable and enjoy having their meals in the fresh air. A suitable lighting concept should be considered so that the various outdoor areas can also be used after dark. Sufficient lighting is required at the latest after sunset so that you can continue to be in the garden without restrictions.

The garden can be perfectly set in scene with different light sources. Also, burglars are deterred, so that security in this regard is significantly increased. In addition to the functional aspects, the lighting should also create a pleasant atmosphere and not unnecessarily dazzle users. Indirect light that does not come from a single source is well suited for this.

With appealing colors and shapes, a magical ambiance is created in the garden that can still be used and enjoyed late in the evening and night. And the solar flares can do that excellently!

Create a magical atmosphere with solar flares in the garden

A completely new and environmentally conscious trend for lighting in the garden is the solar light balls. You can use them to accentuate specific areas with light and achieve more safety on the garden paths. Thanks to the glare-free lighting, the luminaires are also suitable for living areas. An appealing atmosphere can be created with the solar flares not only in summer but also in winter.

Die Solar Leuchtkugeln: der neue umweltbewusste Trend für die Beleuchtung

Distributed in different places throughout the garden – in the lawn, between the hedges, or under trees – give off a soft light. With its round shape, this type of lighting adapts seamlessly to other design elements in the garden. The solar flares are available in various sizes that can be easily combined. Also, they shine in seven different colors that alternate automatically. You can choose a dominant color for a calm ambiance.

The luminous bodies are made of weatherproof plastic that can withstand all weather conditions. Thanks to the design in a granite look, the lights look like decorative boulders during the day. When darkness falls, the solar flares shine and light up the garden. No power line is required to operate these special light sources; a solar panel conveniently provides the power required.

Mobile light sources for a varied ambiance

The power supply is an important issue for the lighting for the garden. Permanently installed lights are dependent on a socket plus extension cable. This factor can prove difficult in remote garden areas. The mobile solar-powered light sources are much better.

Die Solar Leuchtugeln können allen Wetterlagen trotzen

This eliminates the annoying problem with the power connection. Also, the lighting concept can be far more varied, and the locations can be changed as required and desired. Just as the garden changes in the different seasons, the purpose of use also often changes.

New garden paths are being added, a swimming pond is being built, and a fixed barbecue area is being built instead of a mobile grill. Thanks to mobile luminous bodies, light prevails precisely in those areas where it is currently most needed.

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