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Something new!? Convertible decoration and living elements

As the seasons change, so does the interior design, but turning everything on the left costs not only time, but also money. But which decoration and furnishing options offer the possibility of a quick and uncomplicated rearrangement?

Zero gravity sofa hovering in living room.  3D illustration

The flying inventory? So far, it is not yet, but there are some living and decoration elements that make the flexible transformation easy.

The changeable wall: creating a variety of impressions

On the walls there are no longer only the well-known Raufasertapete. The selection of wallpapers ranges from colored to wildly patterned models. In addition to the wallpaper, is often simply gripped in the paint pot and highlighted one or the other wall in a contrasting color. Since paint and wallpaper often can not easily be removed or brushed over, other area-wide wall elements can help to change the look of the wall from time to time:

Colorful chalk on the wall?

Modern home space with chalkboard wall, bike, pouffe, pattern carpet, desk and chair

Blackboard foil is flexibly described and pasted. This always creates different room optics.

One option is panel foils, which are particularly suitable for smooth surfaces – doors or tiles – and painted walls. For mounting, the film is simply removed from the adhesive backing. Thereafter, the blackboard film is removable even without residues. Since the film is usually to be purchased in one piece (e.g., for a total area of ​​one square meter), it can be used over and over again to create new impressions in the room and to place an adhesive board elsewhere. In addition, colored board foils and the labeling of the panel elements ensure visual change. Thus, guests can immortalize themselves with colored chalk pencils or create their own creative streak artistic variety. The sheet foils offer flexible design options and are convertible decorative elements that give the walls a personal, artistic character.

Self-adhesive and removable stickers: starry sky or tree

Another variant are adhesive images or wall tattoos. The self-adhesive and removable adhesive elements especially enhance uni-colored wall surfaces. Whether butterflies in the spring, Disney characters for the nursery or small stickers that glow in the evening in the bedroom and give the appearance of a starry sky. In addition, there are 3D stickers that simulate, among other things, a hole in the wall or ceiling and convey through the image of clouds the impression that is looked through actually closed walls outside to the sky. The wall stickers are redetachable and through the meanwhile varied offer, the living rooms can be repeatedly missed a different “paint”, which does not require brush and paint. So that no residues remain on the walls, the Remove wall sticker with some tools , To make sure that no peeling off the wall surface and the stickers keep on the wallpaper when peeling off, a test film can be requested in advance from some providers.

The convertible window front

Removable stickers are also available for the windows, which are especially suitable for mounting on smooth surfaces. Other decorative elements that are not on the windows, but are the curtains and Co. These should usually harmonize with the interior and blend in designs such as shabby-chic or country-style. When choosing the window decoration, the shape and window dimensions are especially important. If the window under a radiator is best to dispense with floor-length curtains, because they prevent the proper heat circulation. Is not a radiator in the way are versatile sliding curtains. These consist of individual, floor-length panels and are clipped to a rail system at the top edge of the ceiling. Multi-track rails create a variety of effects created by colored, transparent and patterned curtains, which repeatedly slide in different arrangements in front of the window. The rail system makes the window decoration changeable, because the curtains are easy to put on and off, to wash and replace with other models.

In addition to certain visual requirements, the decorative window elements should often also provide privacy and in the summer months additional sun protection. Color-coordinated fabric curtains and blinds meet the desire for design and shielding from external influences. For some roller blinds, however, holes must often be drilled for the fixed installation of a roller blind. But once the blinds are firmly attached, the exchange is usually not that easy. More design freedom offers self-adhesive stick & fix fastening system with which, among other things, pleats can be glued to the window. Due to the removable fastening option, there is a variety of design options and curtains, roller blinds and interior fittings can be adapted more flexibly to one another. In addition, the uniform image of the window front is reinforced by a uniform decoration of the windowsill ,

Convertible living elements: first home office then sleeping place

Living room interior in a modern urban apartment with a gray upholstered corner lounge and blue tub chair against a large view window, 3d render

Modular sofa systems offer the possibility to flexibly assemble seat elements and to exchange elements with or without backrest.

To save space and also give the room a different look, there are certain room systems that are easy and quick to re-work. For example, at first, the system consists only of a board, which serves as a work surface and behind which stands a chest of drawers. However, the work surface can be pulled up in the evening and a bed folded out of the dresser. As a bedside table is next to the bed a swivel table, which is only low side table and in the morning with a few simple steps to the bar table. Flexibility in interior design also provide roles under the furniture. Often rollable sideboards or chests of drawers are still hinged and hide TV or books. In one moment it is still the sideboard and at the other moment a hinged hi-fi car. Modular and flexible pieces of furniture are more and more on the rise. Small bistro furniture is quickly converted into a large blackboard and “moving boxes” unfolded into a sturdy armchair. The furniture is increasingly demanded multifunctionality that makes rooms look different and makes it easier to remodel. Particularly widespread is the modular principle in upholstered furniture. Modular sofas are composed of different seating elements. These are each equipped with or without backrest and made long or square. So spaces are space-saving to use and the sofa corner is different composition or auseinanderziehbar depending on mood. Even more change is provided by different fabric references and colors, which in different compositions can give the room different spatial structures and optical designs. The finishing touches are provided by pillowcases that are reversible and thus always create new decorative highlights.

Filling the room with light: creating different lighting moods

Just when the evening breaks through the windows, light can provide a cozy and pleasant atmosphere. With the right light source, the room causes different moods in humans, because Light colors have certain psychological effects , So there is not only particularly warm or cool light, but also various colorful lamps that are easy to replace and rooms and individual corners immediately give a different effect and look. A flexible color change also cause so-called mood lamps whose color is to be changed with a click on the switch or an operator. These are available, inter alia, in oval, square and round shape. Thus, the usual color effects can be adapted to one’s own mood or be used when indirect moods are to be influenced.

Arrange mirrors flexibly in rooms: stretch rooms and create new impressions

Beauty and make-up concept: mirror, jewelry and make-up on a dressing table

Mirrors make the room seem bigger and are especially useful in small format in different compositions as a flexible decorative element.

A flexible decoration idea that enhances the different colors, window designs or lighting effects are mirrors. On the one hand, these have a functional value, above all in the bathroom or the wardrobe. Especially in small rooms, several square mirrors make the room look bigger. These are usually easy to fix with a removable tape and after a time simply rearrange or combine with other mirror shapes. If it is a small mirror, which have a low weight, these can be attached with adhesive strips. These can easily be removed from glass or tiles and removed without leaving any residue. In addition, there are stripes to buy, which are also suitable for mounting on the wallpaper or on painted surfaces. Thus, individual mirror elements can be brought to the wall once in a row and another in a rhombus or in a square shape. This often creates a completely different spatial impression and the furnishings are mirrored differently. If the mirror is additionally mirrored in the mirrors, this ensures more space and light in the room. If the room is rather squat and small, the mirror elements placed in the length ensure a visual spatial extension. From individual mirror mosaics, which are available in different shapes and which have about a maximum diameter of 20 millimeters, as well as their larger representatives are to be mounted with adhesive strips and flexibly arranged. But not only the arrangement is changeable, but also the decoration of the mirror elements. Maritime optics, which are especially suitable for summer time, lend starfish, shells or sand and a frame for the thin, colored wooden strips are glued to the mirror edges, gives structure and more expressiveness to individual mirrors.


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