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Spice up any living space with printed glass

Printed glass for interior design

So lucky that the world of interior design is so rich these days! We have the opportunity to choose between countless materials, shapes, colors and ideas. In this context, the transformation of the apartment is not always associated with a renovation or a furniture exchange. Sometimes even the smallest change creates a completely different feeling and atmosphere.

Today, we want to focus on a trend in decor and decoration that is gaining in popularity, namely printed glass! We’ve all seen the incredible full color pictures on the glossy, smooth surface of the glass. But what does this technology actually represent, and what are its benefits?

An effective high technology with longevity

printed glass deco wall decoration

What is printed glass?

Printing on glass is a digital technology that makes it possible to seal a desired image on a glass surface. The hi-tech printing differs with an extraordinary longevity and no change or fading of the image.

The product is exposed to a thermal processing that improves its stamina even more.

Printed glass with a wide application

decoration tips printed glass plates

What kind of use does the printed glass find?

The printed glass is quite a big bet. Considering that it is heat- and moisture-resistant, the printed glass can be used in any living space, including bathrooms, as well as in public spaces such as offices, shops and others.

The other advantage of this technology is that the print can be full-color or semi-transparent. This allows you to hide one part of a shop window or a partition, for example, and leave the other part completely transparent.

The most popular applications of printed glass at home are:

Digital print glass in the kitchen

kitchen design glass plate wall decoration ideas


This type of kitchen supplement will provide a modern and tasteful space look. The image you choose can be chosen to match the rest of the interior, making it ideal for the interior while still attracting attention. The smooth surface is easy to clean, which in turn is an advantage for the kitchen. The resistance to heat and humidity also make the printed glass perfect as a kitchen worktop.

Printed glass – ideas for the bathroom

printed glass bath set up glass plate

  • Shower partitions or shower cubicles

The ordinary shower cubicle or divider will look great with the matching print image. You can put on relaxing landscapes, flowers or on Zen motifs. Another good idea is to put on a colored glass plate behind the sink or on the wall next to the bathtub. This is also a good choice in terms of hygiene.

To achieve a beautiful decoration effect

decoration printed glass plates

Instead of putting on photo wallpapers, wall hangers or posters, choose the modern version. Hang a family photograph, favorite landscape, or a motivational thought, printed on glass, against the wall. Absolutely every room in the house is suitable for this kind of decoration. A vertical panel in the hallway will greet you every time, a lake or mountain landscape in the bedroom or an abstract image in the living room will always create an accent in the interior.

Be inspired by our picture gallery for printed glass ….

The high-tech printing differs by an extraordinary longevity

bathroom set up printed glass

A great effect with many advantages

kitchen backplate printed glass glass top

The printed glass is also used on tables

living room table ideas printed glass

The printed glass has a fairly wide application

bathroom frame printed glass

Absolutely every room in the house is suitable for this kind of decoration

printed glass tips of glass plate

Pick the footprint that you like the most

bathroom design printed glass glass top

kitchen ideas glass plate printed glass

The ordinary shower cubicle or divider will look great with the matching print image

bathroom ideas printed glass glass top

The printed glass has gorgeous and durable colors

wall decoration ideas printed glass

Another good idea is the colored glass panel behind the sink

printed glass bathroom design glass top

Separate the rooms in a colored way

sliding doors decorating printed glass

Printed Glass – A hygienic and easy-care choice for the kitchen

printed glass glass plate kitchen back and

shower cabin glass plates printed glass

The smooth and shiny glass surface provides additional effects

living room decor printed glass

glass plate printed glass kitchen back wall

Replace the old wardrobe doors with ones made of printed glass

wardrobe printed glass glass plates

kitchen back glass plate printed glass

print glass decor ideas furnishing tips

wall decoration printed glass glass top


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