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Spread spring mood with floral pattern wallpaper

Again comes this pleasant time, in which we think of the spring and the summer decoration in our home. If you want to renew the wall design anyway, then you could use the current seasons and their wealth as inspiration. A great idea would be modern pattern wallpaper with flowers. These are a universal solution, they can then create a pleasant, even cheerful atmosphere in your home in the colder seasons. Take a look at our examples and maybe you will discover something for yourself!

The large floral patterns can look very modern

patterned wallpaper dark gray background

Patterned wallpaper with large-scale motifs

Apart from the traditional rules for interior decoration, one would keep the large floral patterns for wider premises ready. However, with the more up-to-date rules, one could deal much more freely with this topic. Even in small rooms, you could use wall murals with large patterns.

The effect is quite bold, provocative, and therefore very modern.

Antique patterned wallpaper will remain current

patterned wallpaper gray motifs

Put on subtle ornaments

One possible contemporary approach would be to plant motifs on patterned wallpaper in the form of ornaments introduce. This is a method by which you can achieve a pleasant contrast in the interior without being too noticeable. Flash color combinations are possible. This concept can be performed just as wonderfully with modern neutral shades.

Patterned wallpaper with relief can have an invigorating yet minimalistic effect

patterned wallpaper great bed

Embossed pattern wallpaper adorn the walls

Embossed floral patterns can also decorate the wall surface. In this case, the wall design could only be done in one color. This is just as much alive and original. The patterned relief wallpaper is certainly a very modern and appealing idea, no matter whether you decide on small or large-sized motifs.

Floral pattern wallpaper spread Provence mood

patterned wallpaper field flowers idea

English style

There are some styles that just include patterned wallpaper with flowers. That would be something like the so-called English style. You can combine this kind of wall design with vintage elements in the interior design. This affects both the shape and surface of the furniture, as well as the color combinations in the decoration. The result is not super modern, but it has a classic and upscale look.

A similar wall design could be good for both the modern and the classic design concept

patterned wallpaper bright red ideas

Low-key classic

The classic interior design can also be combined with a wall design with floral patterned wallpaper. With the “English” style one could allow one to design whole walls with this kind of decoration. In the classical one could choose the patterned wallpaper only for a wall. In terms of color you would choose a shade that is reserved and neutral, but at the same time harmonizes with the classic decorative colors.

Similar patterns and color contrasts are pretty universal

patterned wallpaper bright flowers on a white background

Shabby chic

The floral patterns are just perfect for the shabby-chic style. You could create a modern interior in this style by decorating the wall design with patterned wallpaper and turning it into a great background for the modern interior. Remember, however, that such a room has a very feminine look. Would that be the most appropriate in your case?

Another great rural wall design in the French style

patterned wallpaper provance style

Pattern wallpapers in the style of “Provence”

Shabby Chic and Provence-style murals with wallpapers show many affinities. The difference is largely in the nature of the stylized flowers. For the Provence style, you would have to opt for wildflowers as a pattern. Also, choose the typical colors for this type of decoration. Purple and soft pink look perfect on a light gray background.

This could be a contemporary wall design with floral patterns!

contemporary patterned wallpaper with flowers

Contemporary style

Most of the ideas we have already enumerated could have a contemporary interpretation. Either one should opt for neutral shades decide that appear as a background for the interior. Or you could use the bright floral pattern as an accent in an otherwise restrained room. In principle, minimalistic patterned wallpaper with flowers would be a current solution. The use of such wall decoration for highlighting some room areas would give the room a modern look.

The magnificent patterned wallpaper could look good in contemporary living concepts

accent wall with gorgeous floral patterned wallpaper

Find the right size

The biggest danger that could exist when choosing floral patterned wallpaper is that you do not get the right amount. Either the floral motifs could be too conspicuous and therefore too intrusive or even cheesy. Or could too much restraint minimize the effect too much? Be sure to consider a variant that you and the other inhabitants of your home feel balanced and harmonious.

The dramatic wall design with contrasts in dark and light colors is often preferred for bedrooms

dramatic design pattern wallpaper

Or maybe such a more “naïve” wall design would be more suitable for you?
tiles with floral patterned wallpaper

large-scale flower pattern wallpaper

green background pattern wallpaper

Patterned wallpaper, which picks up the nuances from the same color palette, also look very modern

green wall design pattern wallpaper

large sized floral patterned wallpaper

luxury bedroom pattern wallpaper

Stylized plant ornaments are ideal for accent walls

patterned wallpaper accent wall behind the bed

patterned wallpaper brown background

patterned wallpaper flowers watercolor

The watercolor representations make the wall design with floral patterns even more spectacular

patterned wallpaper striking flowers painting

patterned wallpaper with colorful patterns

patterned wallpaper yellow blue bed

These patterned wallpaper are executed in an English style

patterned wallpaper english style

patterned wallpaper golden motifs

patterned wallpaper bright flowers ideas

Such a classic wall design with patterned wallpaper matches the taste of many residents
patterned wallpaper classic design

patterned wallpaper chic wall design

patterned wallpaper purple flowers

The Black and white wall design looks a bit more inviting with floral patterns

patterned wallpaper black white background

wallpaper very decent design

wallpaper wallpaper behind the media wall

The “naïve” patterns on the wallpapers here are very individual and original in their overall context

patterned wallpaper stylized sunflowers

patterned wallpaper vintage accent wall

patterned wallpaper great wallpaper

The accent wall looks a bit more classical due to the floral patterns. Thus, it contrasts with the modern interior design.

patterned wallpapers great herbal ornaments

beautiful living room wallpaper

vintage wallpaper vintage style

Red and gold, very cleverly combined here, at the same time looks splendid and modern

patterned wallpaper accent wall with subtle floral patterns

patterned wallpaper wallpapers tree

patterned wallpaper flowers in the bathroom with a mirror

The graphic floral pattern wallpapers are very popular in the wall design

patterned wallpaper gray beige pattern

patterned wallpaper gray floral motives

patterned wallpaper with colorful patterns great

And here are some modern interpreted, but still pretty classic patterned wallpaper

patterned wallpaper vintage ideas wallpaper

patterned wallpapers golden wall design

ornamental figures on the patterned wallpaper

Ancient or traditional wall designs can look good in some modern contexts. Here are some examples.

patterned wallpaper luxury style

patterned pink flowers

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