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St. Patrick’s Day – 7 green murals for natural design

Traditionally an Irish holiday, St. Patrick’s Day has been increasingly represented in Germany in recent years. Like the design trends in 2018, the day of Saint Patrick is all about the green. From botanical motifs to Irish skylines, today we present seven of our favorite images that we discovered at Photowall.

Clover murals wall design wall decor cloverleaf green

Mural: clover

Granted – the Irish shamrock has only three leaves, but a bit of luck can never hurt. The simple design fits well in any room and is stylish without being intrusive.

murals wall design living room ideas Polygon

Mural: polygon

The Green polygon Design is a little more striking and brings a splash of color in your rooms. The green is best combined with other, more subdued green tones. Accents in orange and red are good for a more striking design.

Pear murals wall design pear nursery ideas


Mural: pear

The little green pear is not only cute but also refreshes the design in every nursery. The color green has many positive effects – it promotes our concentration, makes you happy and calm. And with whom would these influences be more important than with the little ones?

ginkgo biloba wall design subtle wall decoration Mural: Ginkgo Biloba

Photowall designer Albert Koetsier experimented with his special X-ray photo technique and various plant species to create stunning designs for your wall design. Individual and fitting to this year’s botanical trend, the Ginkgo Biloba design is one of our favorites.

Daisies wall design murals daisies Mural: daisy

With St. Patrick’s Day, spring is just around the corner. This beautiful motif with daisies is especially good in the study. Motivation and a good mood is guaranteed even at the desk.

Belfast wall design wall decoration wall murals Mural: Belfast skyline

Bring Belfast home. The special skylines in street art design are impressive and turn even white walls into a real eye-catcher. This motif is suitable for living room, youth room or kitchen.

Dublin skyline wall design wall design modern murals Mural: Dublin skyline

Of course, the Irish capital Dublin should not be missing in our collection for St. Patrick’s Day. Even if you do not make it into this exciting city this year, you can conjure up a touch of Irish flair in your rooms.


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