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Stone Wall Living Room: A decorative wall full of character and style!

The stone is assumed to be a cold material in the interior, but the truth is a little different. If it is well combined with the rest of the interior, it can actually provide for more cosiness in the house.

The decorative natural stones are gaining more and more popularity as wall coverings at home. They owe this to their natural charm, which they spread throughout the room. A stone wall perfectly complements any living room interior. This is always a good solution, no matter if you rely on natural or artificial stones. Today we show you some ideas for stone wall in the living room, with the aim to convince you of their WOW effect.

The stone wall in the living room increases the comfort

Stone wall with fireplace for the living room

Stone wall living room: An ancient beauty for the living room

As you can see on the next pictures, the Stone walls adorn the room and lend give it a special charm. These are reminiscent of the ancient houses, where the stones have provided as a natural material for more cosiness.

To bring out the beauty of this wall, you prefer to forego high furniture. The empty stone wall decorated with only one painting looks much more attractive and stylish.

The stone surfaces

You should decide in advance which type of stone exactly what effect you want to achieve on the wall in the living room. The rough and coarse stone surfaces will provide a rustic atmosphere. The smooth ones, such as marble or granite, will give the ambience a more modern look. And since no stone is similar to the other, endless combinations are possible. The combination of smooth and rough stones would have been successful, but you should be clear on what exactly you want to set the accent.

Create a warm atmosphere in the living room

living stone wall with bricks

Another great accent wall

Walls of bricks are also very popular lately and a favorite accents in the interior. These inscribe themselves perfectly in a rustic and industrial furnishing style. Their colors vary from red and orange to white and a combination of these is probably possible. Many homeowners even want to make all four living room walls with bricks.

Tips for matching accessories and decorative items for the stone wall

To make you feel more comfortable around the stone, you should know some rules for room decoration:

  • Combine the color of the stone wall with other room accents. These may be furniture, carpets, vases and throw pillows.
  • Create contrasting textiles and materials – combine the cold stone with wood or soft plush textiles.
  • Choose only one main stone accent in the living room, e.g. B the wall around the fireplace.

Honestly, have you ever dreamed of having a stone-clad fireplace in the winter, or not? But even in summer, the stone wall has its advantages and that it keeps the room cooler.

Stone wall Living room: A heart-warming sight

fireplace diskless living room wall made of stone


Choose a beautiful natural stone

wall decoration stone wall living room ideas

Stone wall living room: Benefit from the beauty of natural stones

wall cladding with natural stones

Stone walls decorate the room and give it a special charm

natural stone decor living room wall design ideas

Natural stones as wall decoration living room

The rough and coarse stone surfaces create a rustic atmosphere

rustic furnishing for the living room

Stone wall living room: A great place to relax

kamindeko living room wall decor living room ideas

Create contrasts through different materials

white natural stone for the living room

The stone wall also matches the modern living room furniture

brick wall living room wall design with stones

accent wall stone wall living room wall design

decorative stones for the living room wall

Stone Wall Living Room: A decorative wall full of character and style!

furnishing ideas for the living room stone wall

ideas for stone wall living room

Dress up the fireplace with natural stones

modern stone wall living room

Natural stones for the living room wall

rustic decor with stone wall living room

Stone panels for the living room wall

Stone wall as an accent in the living room

Stone walled living room decorated with paintings

partition wall stone wall living room

wall design ideas stone wall living room

Living room ideas with natural stones

Living room ideas with natural stones

Living room wall made of stones as an accent

Living room wall with natural stones

rustic living room furniture stone wall ideas


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