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Stone walls in the interior: modern furnishing strategies

The modern interior design strategies with stone walls range from complete wall design of a room or apartment to the skilful staging of the spots around some components. This achieves characterful design and homely feeling. Combine with modern living ideas works particularly well if you discover the right approach. Below we present some very well working stone wall ideas!

Through the stone wall here, the fireplace is beautifully staged

antique ideas stone walls deco ideas

Stone walls for the staging of a special architectural element

By cladding the walls with natural stones, the fireplace is highlighted here. This common strategy can also be used for other components in the interior. For example, you can make something special out of the staircase or out of a tricky wall niche by using stone as a wall cladding.


In this case, you have also left enough room for great decoration.

In large rooms, the complete wall cladding with stone usually works wonderfully

flaming decoration elements stone walls interior design ideas

Create a contrast through rough wall design

Do you want to emphasize the modernity of your interior design concept? You may be surprised to learn that stone walls in particular can help you. With their rough appearance, they provide a great contrast to modern residential areas. Wall cladding made of stone is therefore also a perfect idea for modern eclectic home designs.

Thanks to stone walls you can quickly reach a rural feel-good atmosphere

classic dining room stone walls furnishing ideas

Make a wall or part of it an eye-catcher

The accent walls of every kind can be wonderfully executed in natural stone. Especially in minimalistic modern designs this strategy is very popular. The many different types of stone offer a great variety in texture and color. Surely everyone can easily find something for their own ideas and needs. With the right lighting, this accent wall could be even better. There are so many possibilities, ranging from built-in lamps to those hanging in front of them.

Reduce the shapes, then the stone walls could fit very well to minimalist living concepts

minimalism stone walls decoration ideas


Rural feel-good atmosphere

For many, the rustic style equals well-being. If this is also the case for you, you should definitely consider the stone wall tiles. You can interpret the rustic style more traditional or modern. In the first case, you prefer the rough and realistic forms and the second – reduced and straightforward ones.

Stone-clad walls are also ideal for a retro style

modern contrasts stone walls decoration ideas

Stone look instead of real stone walls

Finally, we must point out the possibility of placing on stone optics rather than real stones. This is a cheaper alternative, the installation of which is also much easier. You can create (let) your mad stone backdrop from artificial materials. Some wallpapers with realistic stone patterns also show wonderful aesthetics. By the way, this last alternative is a good solution if you first want to check whether the stone walls in practice can achieve the desired effect.

The contrasts between rough and smooth texture is very appealing

room with spiral staircase stone walls decoration ideas

Stone walls are ideal not only for the fans of the rural style, but also for those who prefer industrial living concepts. As already mentioned, eclectic concepts are much more stylish and noble. Of key importance is to discover the right level of color and texture for yourself. Stone walls come into their own even when used on smaller surfaces. They easily reach the certain “something”, but have to be careful that it does not become “too much”. In the finish, the room should not look too conservative or steep, but be refreshed and gain in character.

Partly exposed stone walls are super modern

stone walls deco ideas characterful design

Large rooms are often more comfortable through stone walls

stone walls decorating noble and rural

stone walls decorating cozy dining room

stone walls deco ideas hunters idea rustic

stone walls decorating art as a decoration

The accent walls in stone look are also very popular at present

stone walls deco decoration beautiful decor

stone walls decoids sloping roof

stone walls furnishing ideas golden ideas

stone walls furnishing ideas great furniture

stone walls furnishing ideas great room layout

Stone can be wonderfully combined with other natural materials

stone walls furnishing ideas like a palace

stone walls furnishing ideas blue and red

stone walls furnishing ideas beautiful room broadcasting

stone walls furnishing ideas warm radiance

stone walls furnishing ideas washbasins and glass surfaces

Wallpaper and other artificial alternatives in stone look are sometimes also suitable

stone walls interior decoration ideas accent wall stone imitation

stone walls interior decoration ideas blue and brown nuances

stone walls interior decoration ideas dark red frame

stone walls interior decoration ideas gray design

stone walls interior design ideas minimalism

Stone walls are ideal for anyone looking for a masculine interior design

stone walls interior design ideas great living room

bar with wall-to-wall stone walls decoration ideas

Great frame stone walls interior design ideas

warm aura stone walls interior decoration ideas

white and gray stone walls interior decoration ideas


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