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Store firewood at home? Without problems or not?

Many homeowners who have a fireplace at home wonder, in late summer, where and how to stack firewood for the coming winter. This is a perfectly legitimate question, because in recent years, a trend in firewood storage has prevailed and even established itself as a kind of art in their own four walls. People actually prefer to keep the firewood at hand and not stack it near the chimney. Such a firewood storage not only has a purely practical purpose, but it should also look aesthetically. This method of storing firewood in the interior began years ago when well-known interior designers designed special rooms for them in their living rooms. It was also fashionable that homeowners have converted bookshelves, boxes or empty niches in the room to store the firewood there. Also every free space under window sills is used for the purpose.

Flaming log fire, candlelight and an aesthetic storage of firewood in the living room

aesthetic firewood storage living room


The firewood looks well-organized on both sides of the fireplace

Firewood store in both sides of the fireplace

However, there is a problem with firewood storage!

Yes, let’s admit it right now, such firewood storage looks great. Who stacks his firewood next to the stove has many advantages. In wind and fog, in snow and ice, he always has his firewood within easy reach. Stacked in the right place, the firewood gives a stylish look that you can admire every day. Unfortunately, such a firewood storage has a major drawback, and these are the insects stored therein. Have you already thought about this problem? Certainly not yet, because there is little talk in the media. Wood is a natural material and everyone is happy when they have it in their own home. The warm and natural look of the wood in the interior design is appreciated today. Unfortunately, the firewood can be a home for uninvited “guests”. It can also overwinter pests that are undesirable at home, including woodworms, beetles, carpenter ants, termites, wood cockroaches, and many others.

Under the bench is enough room for firewood storage, but … ..

Firewood storage under bench

The right place is the nuts and bolts of firewood storage

What happens if you do not pile firewood for the fireplace near the kitchen worktop? In the modern house design such a wood storage would be quite possible, right? Could the pests attack the wood paneling or wooden beams? But can you bring the firewood into the house and leave the insects outside?

Every firewood storage in the living room causes some inconvenience

modern furnished living room built-in storage firewood


These are questions that circle around your head before you can find the right answers. Only when one reads expert advice about firewood storage, does one understand his mistakes. In most cases, it is recommended that you bring so much firewood into the interior and stacked next to the fireplace that it will last for one to two days. In addition, specialists advise us to store all firewood at least 1.5 m from the foundation wall of the house. Pick a place outside that is far from the trees. Use pallets to ensure better drainage and to have a dry firewood during the winter.

In the specialist trade you find completely modern options for firewood storage

store modern option firewood outside

Store your firewood at least 1.5 m from the foundation wall of the house

Store firewood outside protected ideas

Why should one do it all? Very obviously! A well-dried firewood has no odor, no moisture and no bark. Beetles and insects love all these things and the dry firewood does not offer them! That is, the little beasts can not stay there! In addition, properly dry firewood has a moisture content of less than 20 percent, which prevents it from forming. And another very important thing: dry wood burns more efficiently and with less smoke than that of the newly felled trees. This means you avoid creosote deposits in the chimney and thus any danger from a smoky log fire.

Dry wood burns more efficiently and with less smoke

Store firewood outside to dry

Allow the firewood to dry well before use in winter

let the firewood dry outside

More tips for proper firewood storage

To prevent the above-mentioned mistakes, you buy the firewood best sometime in late summer, but no later than late autumn. The newly purchased wood should be stored in a special area and covered there. According to the experts in the field, this will help kill pests. Do not forget it, the drying time depends on the type of wood. Soft wood takes about 6-8 months, while hard wood species take longer. You have to expect one or two years drying time.

Do not treat the firewood to insects using the known means before taking it indoors

modern firewood storage inside eye-catching

And another important tip from the experts: Check the firewood each time before bringing it into the house. It is possible that insects are hiding there. Unfortunately, you can not do much about it. However, we do not recommend that you spray the wood with flammable substances against insects, for obvious reasons! If you want to avoid the problem with the pests, you could buy purely decorative firewood and stack it next to the fireplace in the living room. The real firewood would have to be stored outside the house. In this way you combine the aesthetic and the practical and have a warm winter in your own four walls!

Great idea for firewood storage outside

great ideas firewood store outside

So stored the firewood can stay outside for a long time

practical ideas firewood store outside

You can also use old wooden crates for firewood storage and spread a vintage flair at home

old wooden boxes of firewood storage indoors

Combining the aesthetic with the practical and achieving a visual effect in the interior

Firewood storage modern living room

In this living room you can spend every cold winter carefree

nice living room fireplace firewood next to it

Wood storage in the minimalist living room

Firewood storage minimalist room

A clever idea! Bring only a little wood into the house, it has to last for one day.

store a little wood in the house for 1 day

Is there a better way for your firewood storage in the interior?

modern firewood ideas storage interior

Set the storage place for the firewood in scene!

Firewood storage inside


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