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String curtain as a great accessory, room divider or just as a decoration?

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String curtain – your summer idea

String curtain is not a new topic on our blog. But in our research we have found so many new, fresh, summery, exotic solutions for thread curtains! Somehow it turned out that we urgently want to share it with you.

Usual curtains and curtains get dirty and dusty much faster during the summer season.

It would certainly be important for purely practical considerations to replace them with other, “fine” solutions. That would be with one String curtain quite the case.

Many of today’s examples have a distinctive DIY character. This is the other accent in our article. The attached elements often have a nautical and upscale character.

Have you become curious? I hope so! Here are our examples:

String curtain for the bed

bedroom furnish thread curtain string curtain

Does privacy help you to sleep better? Can it be that the romantic elements add a little more charm? So why not consider such a string curtain? The white color is super fit in this respect.

Somehow this is also one of the best ideas one could imagine for the summer.

Refresh a cellar or an old ambience

deco ideas thread curtain string curtain furnishing ideas


Do you have a cellar or an area in the garden to which renovation you somehow do not come? You have no time and resources now? If that’s the case then you can do something to make this part of your home look more appealing. You could also use a plastic curtain for this purpose.

Bring the starry night home

curtain drapery curtain curtains idea furnishing ideas

This is less a string curtain. But it has something of his character. We are experiencing great draping that has been adorned with bright threads. Well, you took the summery clear sky to your room to sleep in! Even in other seasons such a solution can be very romantic and charming.

DIY string curtain with colorful fabrics and lace

curtains thread curtain furnishings ideas curtains ideas

Are you a frontier worker by nature? If you like experimenting and yet want to achieve a delicate, romantic, and actually feminine appearance in the bathroom, then this idea might be suitable for you.

Well, to be honest, it requires a less sophisticated ambiance. On the one hand, if you have such a thing anyway, you would be able to spice up its mood great.


decoration curtains thread curtain furnishing ideas

Do you like organizing parties and celebrations in your garden? Maybe you only have great summer dinners of the highest kind there? These are the associations that we associate with such a thread curtain.

Zoning in the garden area

curtains ideas thread curtain curtains deco ideas

Are you looking for a creative way to design your garden area? You can find here some of the interior. There are more and more concepts that distinguish the different zones within open housing plans.

In the garden area you can do the same! This is exactly what you have achieved through the local string curtain with floral decoration.

Colored DIY spicing up

diy ideas deco ideas thread curtain string curtain

This atmosphere seems somehow very dark. Obviously one has to do with simple, cheap furniture here. Similarly, the character of the thread curtain idea, by which one wanted to spice up the whole thing. But somehow the purple and blue paint make everything upscale and chic.

Summer or Christmas, or maybe tropical Christmas

Garden Ideas Garden Decoration Favdenvorhang Fadengarden

Have you ever been to a Christian tropical country for Christmas? Did you see the decoration there for the occasion? This benefits from the natural beauty of green plants and their bright, magnificent colors. If you add to these even great fairy lights, then almost any remaining decoration is unnecessary. A small crib is needed, and that would be all!

So somehow the mood is here too. This is due to the fairy lights, from which one has managed a kind of thread curtain.

Pure luxury

curtain curtains furnishing ideas bedroom thread curtain

We said that the summer mood and the DIY theme predominate here. But let’s make a little digression with this super luxurious thread curtain! Although he suits the establishment of any season. In a summery villa, but he would also register ideal.

Thematic curtains

curtains dekoideen thread curtain curtains

Do you have a shop or a wine cellar? Do you want to subordinate everything to this topic? Then why not make something like a string curtain of corkscrews? He looks great, right?

A decorative idea

furnishing ideas deco threads thread curtain string curtain

This is not a thread curtain. But you can see great nautical elements, from which one can make a tinker. Not a bad idea either, right?

Use a string curtain instead of a door

thread curtain black curtains furnishing ideas

Kreise yourself even a summery mood

furnishing ideas diy ideas thread curtain decoration ideas

How do you like this curtain combination?

Curtain drapes living room furnish curtains

A “warm” curtain idea for the nursery

children's room curtains furnishing ideas children's room thread curtain

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