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Stylish and practical wall decoration – picture frame!

Picture frames are considered creative wall decoration that you can change practically anytime. No other decorative element offers so many design options and for this reason, our editorial team would like to offer an up-to-date overview of the current trends in picture frames. Which picture bar fits best to your design and how you can decorate it properly, you will find in this article!

Arrange decorative elements regularly

Creative constructions Dynamic wall design

Aluminum picture frames – colorful idea

The picture rails play a multifunctional role in the interior and bring many advantages. The strips made of aluminum have an important advantage compared to the picture strips made of wood: their color you can choose or determine yourself. White, black or gray are among the most popular variations for picture bars.

The reason for this is that design lovers want any color that could be optimally combined with the wall design. A good example is the black picture bar, which is perfectly balanced with white wall paint. Many homeowners rely on two or three picture rails in black, which are in different sizes. The black color is particularly strong on the appearance and for this we recommend the positioning of black picture frames. At the same time, you can strategically combine the colors and create a visual balance on the wall. Black picture frames with white borders are the best choice for the white and black picture bars.

Minimalist color scheme in the living room

picture rail


Picture frames made of wood

If you want to achieve a natural look with elegant shades in the room, then we can recommend the picture frames made of natural wood. This type of wall decoration remains for many design lovers as the original variant, also called Vintage is determined. This property allows the use of works of art and small sculptures, and creates an imaginative atmosphere. Wood walls can also be spruced up very elegantly with this kind of picture frames, but you should pay attention to the uniform design. Think carefully about which length and size will suit your room best. The durability of the narrow picture frames is a much discussed topic these days and many designers have opted for a product with more depth. So they allow the use of larger decorative pieces.

More depth and space for all decorative pieces

Picture bar ideas




Paint picture strips yourself – fast and easy instructions

If you do not like the usual picture bars, you have the opportunity to create your own design. Before you start painting, you’ll need a small tin of paint in a color of your choice, sandpaper and a small paint roller. Prepare the surface carefully with the sandpaper. Determine if the surface is well prepared for painting and start with the small paint roller. The application of the paint could also be carried out with a paint brush. Allow enough drying time, such as three hours, before you start a second coat of paint. Hang the picture strips after one day, when the paint has dried well. Finished!

Tinker picture strip to your taste

Bilderleiste Ideas dreamlike design

How do we best decorate the picture bar?

After choosing a clear design, the next step is decorating. Figures, Photos Small plants can be practically arranged and combined together. Do not worry about the wall design, because you save yourself the holes in the wall. Since the image strips offer an optimal length, you can always rearrange the individual decorative elements to your taste. Create a picture gallery with stylish picture frames and position these elements according to groups. Family photos, holiday photos and artwork can be divided into three groups. So each picture bar gets its own motive.

Black picture frame with white border

Picture board ideas concept decoration design

Our picture gallery will show you how to quickly and easily select a picture bar to your taste. Be inspired by the latest ideas!

Picture frame made of natural wood

Create wall design realistic shape

Bilderleiste Ideas Furnishing ideas Living room picture frame decoration gray

Textures with motifs enhance the wall decoration positively

Ideas tips picture frame

uniform shape design

Enough space for your home accessories

Picture bar to create realistic shape Picture board ideas design ideas with wood

Black and white are considered dominant colors

Create wall design Picture board ideas design ideas

Family photos are among the most popular pieces of decoration

Bilderleiste Ideas wall design Picture Gallery Ideas (3)

Long picture bars provide more space for large picture frames

Picture bar ideas

Picture board ideas uniform shape design

Decorate the picture bar strategically

Picture bar ideas


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