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Stylish bathroom tiles for your dream bathroom

bathroom tiles with boundary

A place of relaxation with bathroom tiles

Turn your bathroom into a beautiful and stylish place for relaxation and relaxation with the help of our breathtaking Bathroom tiles , There are no limits to how the tiles are laid, whether as a decorative strip or as a mural. Which one you choose depends on various factors, but also on your own preferences.

First, you determine the color you want, then the tile material and also the maintenance in the future. Here are some tips on how to choose the right bathroom tile.

1. Choose waterproof tiles – the glazed tiles are ideal for the bathroom, unlike natural stone that is not glazed because it does not absorb moisture well. Be sure to select non-slip tiles for the bathroom floor.

Non-slip tiles for the bathroom floor

bathroom tiles with blue mozaik

2. Select the appropriate materials. The bathroom tiles are available in ceramic, glass, porcelain, metal and natural stones. Each has its advantages and the prices vary accordingly.

Color combination blue – white bathroom tiles

color combination with blue white bathroom tiles


3. Choose the tile color carefully. It is planned to advance its bathroom decor for several years, so try to avoid the trends when designing. Choose timeless colors, such as natural colors. Even neutral colors may allow you to change the bathroom later in a few years without having to replace the wall tiles.

Stylish natural colors

bathroom tiles in natural colors
4. Determine your design! You can choose between simple or textured tiles. Some tiles are well suited as murals, others are better than demarcation.

Tile mural

bathroom tiles with mural
5. Pay attention to the prices. The use of certain tiles, such as those made of glass and marble, can be very costly. If you have a limited budget, but still want to integrate these tiles into your design, then you can use them as accents in your bathroom. Lay them scattered in different places in the bathroom, combined with other, inexpensive tiles or use them as a demarcation from the tile wall.

Flowery mural

Mural with floral bathroom tiles
6. You need to know in advance how many tiles you will need. Do you need tiles to drain the entire bathroom or just the shower screen? Find out how many tiles you’ll need before you start.

Tile only to the shower wall

bathroom in bleu shade
7. Think of your bathroom size. If your bathroom is small, you will not have enough space to create the repetitive design with large tiles. However, then the design with smaller tiles would be just right.

Optical extension through the mirror

the mirror extension optically
8. Imagine future maintenance. Small tiles will use more mortar and that makes later care harder. So keep in mind that your tiles are easy to care for before deciding to buy.

Mosaic for the bathroom

bathroom tile mosaic

With such a wide range of both traditional and modern tiles, you should not find it difficult to choose the best one for your taste. With our practical tips we wanted to help you to find the perfect tile easier and to create your dream bathroom.

Soft floor carpet in the bathroom

a failure on the bathroom floor

Double sink

two sinks bathroom

Bathroom in a rustic style

bathroom in the old style

Showers like the Romans

rustic style bathroom tiles

Blue accents

bathroom tiles with blue accents

Wood shower wall

Tile and wood combination

In the gold rush

golden ornaments on the bathroom wall and floor

Natural stone tiles

Natural stone bathroom tiles

Marble basin

marble stone bathroom sink

Colorful and fresh

green bathroom bathroom tiles

Shades of grey

gray tones in the bathroom

Modern bathroom in green with glass sink

large bathroom tiles in green

Spacious bathroom in green

large bathroom with green tiles

Romantic atmosphere in the shower

high modern bathroom

Color combination wall tiles

bathroom tiles in natural colors

Roses pattern

roses pattern in the bathroom

This bathroom is for brave people

black red bathroom tiles idea


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