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Stylish floral deco made of paper by Livia Cetti

floral deco paper workplace creative photo collage

Paper floral ideas by Livia Cetti

In the virtual space, an artist has become very famous in recent years. Her name is Livia Cetti. We have developed a special interest in them for two reasons. First, we find it exciting how someone with such simple ideas can be truly innovative and successful in flower decoration.

Second, her ideas are just great. Right now, in spring time, they are an irreplaceable source of inspiration. In our opinion, you should absolutely look at them now.

Magical, fascinating, unbelievable

Only such strong terms are needed to reproduce the floral decoration of Livia Cetti in terms of the mood that they awaken. But this flower decoration also requires individual talent.

The creations of Livia Cetti have been so artfully created that they could be difficult to identify as artificial

floral deco paper delicate spring flowers

How it all started

The flower decoration is a great form of love. This is also reflected in the story of Livia Cetti. Because she created her first paper flowers for the Caribbean wedding of one of her customers. She wanted a wonderful graduation for the themed cake of his feast.

Livia invented accordingly a great artificial floral decoration. She has imitated hibiscus flowers, which also wonderfully inscribed in the general theme.

Gorgeous hibiscus flowers as a hair accessory

floral deco paper white hibiscus

From this moment on she seems to have fallen in love with this kind of artificial flower decoration. She experiments and creates wonderful scenarios. In order to achieve the different nuances of the flowers, it uses many bleaching agents, in which they have dipped the fabrics.

What could you take for yourself …

During our search for materials, we are on an interview with the artist on her website design sponge devices. At length you could read in English what she has shared. Above all, we want to summarize what you could take with you from your ideas and approaches as inspiration.

Livia Cetti with her fabulous paper creations

floral deco paper colorful livia cetti

The special manual by Livia Cetti with detailed instructions

floral deco handbook livia cetti

She goes out of her way to organize. That should be one too. For such beautiful flower decoration you need a number of materials and trifles. These should also be very clean. Furthermore, she goes from the small to the extensive. First, she experiments with simple arrangements. You could also fit well in a glass of water. Everything she creates takes her up. Because such simple ideas occur several times. She can not remember everyone. They are recorded in pictures, sometimes even by mobile phone. Because you need these little ideas to integrate them into big works.

The creative workplace of the designer

flowers deco paper workplace creative

The creative blocks

Especially at Blumendeko, this universal and therapeutic method of decorating houses, one often comes to the point of so-called intellectual blockade. Simple housewives also have a problem with it. But how does someone like Livia Cetti deal with it? Well, she does sports, goes out and looks at the shops and … looking for new ideas with other designers! That she reproduces them through her personal style is probably obvious …

The “special” secrets do not seem to be that many. Inspiration and love are the rest. Enjoy the pictures and just let them take their toll.

The proud author with her published book

flowers deco paper decoration livia cetti author

A feast for the eyes

floral deco paper flowers colorful

Cloves, hollyhocks and delicate spring blossoms

flowers deco paper flowers spring carnations hollyhocks

Strong colors for the hibiscus flowers

floral deco paper flowers bright colors

Magical wedding bouquets

floral deco paper flowers wedding

Gorgeous floral wreath of paper

floral deco paper floral wreath

Magnificent poppy flowers in pink and white

floral deco paper flowers pink

Romantic and timeless – the roses

floral deco paper flowers roses flowery

A great variety of beauty

floral deco paper flowers tender

Stylish floral deco for your party

floral deco paper flowers table decoration

Floral elegance of paper

floral deco paper colorful floral arrangement

Bouquet for pleasant occasions

floral deco paper livia cetti mauve colorful

Peony in orange

floral deco paper orange peony rose

Unique flower trio

floral deco paper peony pink

Colorful Hollyhock flowers

floral deco paper stock roses livia cetti

Beautiful potted flowers for your balcony

flower deco paper pot flowers

Picturesquely arranged cyclamen

floral deco paper pot flowers ceramic violets


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