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Stylish furniture knobs that give your furniture fresh accents

Furniture buttons round wood vintage style

Furniture knobs as important details in your interior

There are many small details in our interior design that we often overlook due to design plans. But they have the remarkable ability to make a big difference. A perfect example of this are furniture knobs. We usually exchange old, worn pieces of furniture and do not pay attention to the handles at all.

However, it is definitely worth trying to replace the furniture knobs on our furniture with new ones, namely those that impress with their shapes, colors and design. There is a wide range of furniture buttons in the market. Many artists also offer different fancy variants. You will certainly find furniture handles made of all sorts of materials – wood, metal, plastic, artificial foam, etc. In our research on the Internet, we came across some really great furniture knob solutions. These treasures we have discovered at Etsy.

Delicate pink carnation as a furniture knob

furniture knobs aluminum plastic pink carnation

Most were made of wood. But there are also those that are made of plastic and aluminum. All these furniture knobs have a special appeal. Some will refresh your furniture, others will give the furniture a trendy vintage look. Depending on which interior design style you have or like, you can find the right pieces for your home. Original furniture knobs are also highly recommended as gifts. Especially if you know the taste of the person.

Do you prefer chrysanthemums?

furniture buttons darosa green chrysanthemum

Beautify your drawers, wardrobes, bedside tables or sideboards with beautiful furniture buttons and give yourself a little more pleasure and aesthetics in everyday life!

And how about an unconventional rose in purple?

Furniture knobs aluminum plastic purple roses

Quite suitable for the chic girls room – the cupcakes furniture knobs

furniture buttons cupcakes plastic purple saw sugar sprinkles

The cupcakes are available in different colors and designs

furniture buttons cupcakes icing pink white

You can even find those that are decorated with forest fruits

furniture knob plastic cupcakes blackberry cream

If you like round shapes and pastel colors

furniture knob wood spotted pastel colors round

Spotted in blue and white

Furniture knobs round wood material spotted white-blue sweet mix creations

Just pick your favorite shade!

Furniture buttons round dotted wood

Cool wall clock design with vintage touch

Furniture buttons round wood antique wall clock design

For real antique style lovers

furniture knob wall clock design paris wood antique

Boutique motifs in shabby chic style

Furniture knob round wood shabby chic

Many fashion-conscious girls and women will simply love them

furniture knob round furniture knob retro design

A lovely collection

Furniture knob round feminine design


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