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Stylish home kitchens, which are currently trendy

Stylish home kitchens, which are currently trendy

The kitchen is not only the area of ​​the house that receives the most foot traffic, but also the space where most family reunions take place. Give this special area an extra dose of beauty by extending or upgrading your kitchen. The following stylish home designs will inspire your next big renovation.

Good fit

Stilvolle Wohnküchen, die gerade im Trend liegen
A snug fit works best if you have a smaller kitchen or if you have a tight space. The tightness of the kitchen allows you to use a table that fits and complements the area instead of having something that stands out like a wild thumb.

Not everyone will want to sit at the dining table after each meal, so it’s convenient to have a small, cozy dining area. The key is to work with the room and add a simple table that can be moved to create a chic area.

Large breakfast room

Stilvolle Wohnküchen, die gerade im Trend liegen
Designing your table with your kitchen island affects the room. The key is to make a difference in both tables as it helps to break the space almost without a fat feeling in your face.

Do you have an open kitchen? If this is the case, the room is adapted and combined with a table in line with your kitchen island to create a seamless appeal without interrupting the flow of space. This allows you to have your dining area while flaunting the openness of the space.

Built-in banquette

Stilvolle Wohnküchen, die gerade im Trend liegen
Add a fun lighting for direct lighting and focus on your dining area. Consider keeping your table simple, but these bright colors and patterns are the main attraction of your dining area.

If you already have a built-in banquet in your kitchen, half of the work is already done. If you do not, it’s time to add one to your kitchen. Built-in benches are great, and they add so much character.

Double trouble

Stilvolle Wohnküchen, die gerade im Trend liegen
Using your kitchen island as a dining table works well if your island is bold, yet simple and unique in the room. Having the island as a dining area is great if you want to save space and still have a classic area where you can quickly eat with your family.

Whether you have a smaller kitchen or do not want a small table to eat in most kitchens, you have a kitchen island with you. So use it so that it is not just an extra preparation room, but also a fast place to eat. Add comfortable chairs with support for a nearly farmhouse aesthetic.

Keep the view

Stilvolle Wohnküchen, die gerade im Trend liegen
When decorating your dining table, which is in front of your field of view, consider the use of outdoor colors or add natural elements to make the outside world as seamless as possible.

If you have a nice view as part of your kitchen, now is the time to take full advantage of it. Take a dining table and place it right in front of the window. Join in with fun, colorful chairs to bring the beauty of nature right inside. Not only will you be able to enjoy the view to the fullest, but you will also be inspired to spend more time with your family.

Become creative

Stilvolle Wohnküchen, die gerade im Trend liegen
Being creative is always ideal when you add to a space . The idea is to have bold parts that make the new additions feel welcome and part of your current decor. This will expand the range and still convey a familiar feeling.

Do not waste space in your kitchen, but add a smaller, functional seating, such as A banquet. The banquet seating is functional, yet fun when combined with bright shades that give a nice contrast, depending on the colors you already have in your kitchen.

Consider Cozy

Stilvolle Wohnküchen, die gerade im Trend liegen
The extra cushion patting as part of your banquet seating adds an extra layer of comfort and uniqueness to the area. Combine them with bright colors or patterns to enhance the relaxing appeal of the area.

Why be uncomfortable when you can get comfortable while enjoying a good meal. Add a cushion slap to your bench for a more comfortable aesthetic and pair with different chairs for a cute seating that is also comfortable and chic.

Keep it simple, keep it rustic

Stilvolle Wohnküchen, die gerade im Trend liegen
This rustic touch is best displayed when working with darker colors. The lightness of the wood combined with the dark, rich colors will bring the room to life in a seamless way. Add more rustic details to give the room a breeze.

A simple antique wooden table laid in any area of ​​your kitchen can be ideal when paired with similar chairs. It’s simple, chic and rustic and could be just what you need if you’re already busy. Or think about this idea if your kitchen already has a farmhouse aesthetic.

Touch a picnic

Stilvolle Wohnküchen, die gerade im Trend liegen
Having a big family can sometimes be a sign, especially when it comes to finding enough space for everyone. A picnic table can fix this problem while giving you a versatile appeal.

Combine contrasting materials and styles for a versatile feel. There is only something very inviting at a picnic table. Pair with pillow cushions to add the soft appeal and enhance the simplicity of the picnic table.

Attach the color

Stilvolle Wohnküchen, die gerade im Trend liegen
Do not let the color frighten you. There is a million and one way how color can improve a room. It not only gives character, but adds beauty and attractiveness. Consider adding a patterned touch by having patterned pillows part of your home décor.

Do not be afraid of color. It’s fun, cheeky and inviting, adding to the modern appeal. Use color for a beautiful lightening effect.

Do you have a kitchen? If so, let us know how you decorate it in the comments below.


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