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Stylish kitchen shelves for a minimalist interior

The minimalist furnishing style is becoming more and more modern and is particularly suitable for the kitchen. Why? Characteristic for this is the clear order, simple elegance, as well as the practical and functional pieces of furniture – simply ideal for the kitchen area, isn’t it? In this post, we present you with a few ideas for stylish, minimalist kitchen shelves that you are sure to like. We hope you will find inspiration in our suggestions and we hope you enjoy reading!

Kitchen shelves in a minimalist style – functional, practical, and space-saving

Küchenregale aus Holz offen Wand

Küchenregale Wand minimalistisch Holz

minimalistische Küchenregale aus Holz

Küchenregale aus Metall Mosaikfliesen

Küchenregale Wand Holz praktisch

Küchenregale offen weiss stilvoller Look

Küchenregale funktional ausreichend Stauraum

Küchenregale minimalistisch Kochinsel

What distinguishes the kitchen shelves in the minimalist style? Elegance, a modern look, practical design, and unusual materials such as plastic, metal, and glass are just a few of its characteristic features.

Küchenregale Glas und Metall herrliches Design

Küchenregale System Glas Holz

Küchenregale Kunststoff minimalistisch weiss

The shelves are actually some of the most important pieces of furniture in the kitchen where you need a lot of storage space for dishes and groceries. The functional and practical shelves can do a lot to keep the kitchen tidy, but are sometimes also a highlight in the interior – take a look at our photos to see for yourself! Here we present ideas for shelves that you definitely want to have in your kitchen, so – read on!

Open wall shelves for the minimalist kitchen

Küchenregale Metall Ikea minimalistisch

Küchenregale minimalistische Einrichtung

Küchenregale aus Holz funktional minimalistisch

Küchenregale praktisch aus Holz

Küchenregale minimalistisch

Open wall shelves with glossy surfaces and a simple design can be particularly successfully integrated into minimalist kitchen furnishings. You may be familiar with the main argument against open shelves – if you don’t have time to tidy up and clean, the chaos is visible. But that’s really not a big problem – the minimalist kitchen shelves often impress with their modern look and are guaranteed to attract attention.

Küchenregale weiss blau

Küchenregale aus Metall platzsparend

Küchenregale offen minimalistisch Blickfang

And a bit of clutter in the kitchen is quite normal and would otherwise make the ambiance a little more sterile. The open kitchen shelves give you another option, namely – to decorate the dishes, spices, and food packaging on them.

Küchenregale minimalistisch offene Holzregale

Küchenregale stilvoll Holz offen Wand

Küchenregale Glas minimalistisch

Küchenregale minimalistisch Holz Stauraum

There is also room for small flower pots, your recipe books, or the most popular coffee cups on the shelves – this way you will create a really inviting and cozy ambiance in the kitchen! The shelves made of plastic are durable and impress with their modern look, these made of metal are very practical – especially the models with grids on which you can drain the wet dishes, and the shelves made of wood add a cozy touch to the interior. The choice for the minimalist kitchen is really huge!

Generate interesting optical effects

Küchenregale minimalistisch weiss unbemerkbar

Küchenregale offen weiss schwer bemerkbar

weisse Küchenregale offen praktisch

The minimalist approach combines practical design solutions with raw aesthetics, and this is particularly evident in the kitchen. One of the new trends in this regard that you can try for yourself is to choose shelves in the same color as the wall. Not only will the room look wider, since the shelves optically “disappear”, but the objects on them would appear to be floating, which actually looks really cool.

Küchenregale aus Glas

The minimalist décor relies mainly on neutrals and natural colors, and this fact should also be taken into account when choosing the shelves.

Shelf systems for the minimalist kitchen: design solutions from IKEA

Küchenregale praktische wandregale von Ikea

Küchenregale Ikea Besta Regale Wand

Küchenregale Stauraum Ikea Kallax Regale

Much more practical than the wall shelves are the larger shelving systems for the kitchen – in this case, the variety of models and designs that you can choose from is again enormous.

Küchenregale Ikea Kallax Regale dekorativ System

Küchenregale minimalistisch Ikea Kallax Regale Kochinsel eingebaut

The IKEA Kallax shelves are particularly suitable for the kitchen in a minimalist style, offering sufficient storage space even for the largest kitchens, and can also serve as stylish room dividers.

Küchenregale Ikea Kallax Regale Blickfang

Küchenregale schlichtes Design praktisch Ikea

You can find functional and space-saving shelving systems for your minimalist kitchen at IKEA – the brand everyone knows today. The Swedish furniture maker offers stylish pieces of furniture with numerous replacement options, and this is also the case with kitchen shelves.

Küchenregale Kallax Ikea funktional minimalistisch

Küchenregale minimalistisch stilvoll

Küchenregale Ikea Kochinsel selber machen

Küchenregale Ikea Besta Regal

Küchenregale Ikea Kallax Regale Kochinsel

The Kallax shelves can also be built into the kitchen island and despite their simple design they are a real eye-catcher – take a look at the photos above to convince yourself. The IKEA Besta shelf will look a little less typical in the kitchen. Although the system was not specially developed for this living area, it can also be used to store dishes and thus represent a great accent in the interior.

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